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14840Re: [Girl Genius] What to do about the Buglies

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  • M. Alan Thomas II
    Aug 1, 2005
      Damien Sullivan wrote:
      > Speaking of things which might or might not be sight gags, Master
      Payne does not look human sized in that panel. That's not fat, not
      with a hand which could go around Zeetha's torso and a head to
      match. He looks comparable to the larger Jaeger generals.

      --He's always been on the large side.

      My two cents on the expressions: Master Payne looks more like he's
      wondering about Agatha in a "Hmm . . . I wonder . . ." way than in
      an "Is she crazy?" way. One wonders how much he's begun to suspect;
      he's not in charge of one of the largest collection of sparks we've
      seen for nothing.

      Also, Agatha's on the run from the Wulfenbachs (and everyone knows
      it), and they may have helped (or may still be helping) one or more
      wanted-by-Wulfenbach persons in the past. It might not violate the
      Lex Wulfenbachia, but Klaus probably doesn't like sparks keeping
      secrets from him; the circus really DOESN'T want to be noticed.

      (Remember too that the intro text in the first collection states
      that the Battle Circus will get into a fight with the Wulfenbach
      army at some point.)

      But if they clear the entire town, the point made earlier about
      Wulfenbach suspecting a group of sparks in hiding will be much more
      certain, particularly if remaining townspeople see them do it.
      (This may be behind some of the shock as well: "Reveal ourselves?
      Are you mad?")

      Rambling, tired, and loving the Madness,
      M. Alan Thomas II
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