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14839Re: [Girl Genius] What to do about the Buglies

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  • Michael Brazier
    Aug 1, 2005
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      Damien Sullivan wrote:
      > On Mon, Aug 01, 2005 at 06:12:20AM -0000, ericoppen wrote:
      >>taking the Bugly-infested town on AT ALL. I'd high-tail it the other
      >>way, and do the one sensible thing.
      >>Namely, get Baron Wulfenbach the news about the town, _pronto!_ This
      > That would be sensible. Unfortunately the circus is probably allergic about
      > contact with the Wulfenbachs, from Sparky paranoia, their having hidden
      > Agatha, and the unsettling experience of their last contact -- Dupree doesn't
      > encourage second contact.

      Also, "pronto" for a caravan in the Wastelands is on the order of a few
      weeks. By the time word of Passholdt's death can reach the Wulfenbachs,
      any non-buglies still alive in town will be dead, and some travellers
      coming the other way may be caught and killed as well.

      Of course, running for the next pass and passing on the bad news is the
      only sensible course ... if the circus doesn't have weapons capable of
      taking on a town. But Agatha did draw up plans for weapons like that,
      and just possibly the dingbots have seen them and have been busy during
      the journey to Passholdt. Agatha may not be as crazy as she sounds.
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