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  • Joseph Cotton
    Jun 1, 2005
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      --- Jefferson <rulingnations@...> wrote:
      > 3) If both those remedies fail you have an average of four
      > weeks before your monitor fails in a _really_ significant way.

      Thank you for that encouraging prognosis, but the rest of the
      detail in the strip is still showing up just fine. But Agatha's
      black-on-black dress is now just... black. With none of its
      former detail, and I miss that. I could probably be more
      accepting of it if, say, her legs were still grey (so that you
      could still tell she was wearing stockings & strappy high
      heels), but the only parts of her that aren't unrelieved black
      (for me at least) is her skin. And I stress "her" -- as I said,
      everything else is fine.

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