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421GIMP OS/2

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  • Bryann Paula Melvin
    Jul 8, 2004
      A GIMP 122 fix and expanded installation instructions are now
      available at a new public site. http://www.melvinart.com/os2 This
      project was formerly housed at OS2_at_work group on yahoo groups.

      A version of GIMP can be downloaded from this site along with other
      related programs and libraries.

      An installation CD and library collection will also soon be available
      along with GIMP for Windows (2.02)

      We'd like to get a newer port working but at the moment 122 is the
      best we have.

      Note ...this is not an everblue version. This works and is used in
      production computers at Melvin Graphics.

      Some support will be available through email.
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