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417Re: [gimp-os2] GTK 2.x port ?

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  • Adrian Gschwend
    Sep 30, 2003
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      On Sun, 28 Sep 2003 10:41:44 -0000, clemens_os2cl wrote:

      >Exists there a GTK 2.x port to OS2 (PM or Xfree86)?
      >I will use it for GUI development with Ada95 (Gnat 3.15p). This is the
      >best supported binding on this language. But there exists no GUI
      >builder for OS2. I hopefully can port one.

      Stauff did a port, he told it's almost done but he needs to be sure
      that some people use it before he really finishs it. He also requests a
      new GIMP port as motivation for him to finish the work.

      So if anyone would like to help porting a recent GIMP afterwards please
      let us know.

      Those who are really interested in GTK 2 can contact stauff directly:
      stauff [ a t ] innotek [.] de

      Note: I highly recommend to use the UX2BS (UnixOS2 Build System) for
      any new port of Unix/Linux software to OS/2:


      (get the cmd-script there, read the doc and you will get a setup that
      is able to build quite a lot out of the box already (perl for example).

      It simplyfies your work a lot



      Adrian Gschwend
      @ netlabs.org

      ktk [a t] netlabs.org
      Free Software for OS/2 and eCS
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