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Please Add

Please add me to your facebook as well OR Send me a request. Want to use phone app to keep in touch, to share line interest, chat, get your updates, etc.
Nov 21, 2010

Re: Digest Number 202

... Will upload corrected text hopefully NLT Monday
Jul 10, 2004


... Thanks! May I nitpick a bit? Regarding your web pages, it's "XFree86" and not "Xfree86", "OS/2" instead of "Os/2", and "eCS" instead of "ECS." And there is
Christian Hennecke
Jul 8, 2004


A GIMP 122 fix and expanded installation instructions are now available at a new public site. http://www.melvinart.com/os2 This project was formerly housed at
Bryann Paula Melvin
Jul 8, 2004

libgimp122.lib -> libgimp122.a

Hi, For building xsane as gimp-plugin it would be nice to have libgimp122.a which is not included in the packages available for download. I allready have
Franz Bakan
Mar 24, 2004


I know a lot of people had a lot of roplems getting Gimp122 and it's plugins to work I have put together a patch kit so Gimp can be installed in Xfree86 and
Bryann Paula Melvin
Mar 20, 2004

Re: GTK 2.x port ?

Hi Adrian, Hi Stauff, ... Ok, GTK 2.x would be useful here for further ports of XSane (www.xsane.org) (which might also work as plugin for Gimp). Regards Franz
Franz Bakan
Oct 1, 2003

Re: GTK 2.x port ?

... Stauff did a port, he told it's almost done but he needs to be sure that some people use it before he really finishs it. He also requests a new GIMP port
Adrian Gschwend
Sep 30, 2003

Re: GTK 2.x port ?

... Not a native one so far. But with Everblue it should be possible to get it to work in PM. I don't know about the current state of GTK 2.x but I will ask.
Adrian Gschwend
Sep 28, 2003

GTK 2.x port ?

Exists there a GTK 2.x port to OS2 (PM or Xfree86)? I will use it for GUI development with Ada95 (Gnat 3.15p). This is the best supported binding on this
Sep 28, 2003

Re: Changements of yahoogroup

Great!!! 1 down, 3 to go... Anyone know who is in charge of Yahoo Groups: Mplayer-os2 Also xworkplace-dev and xworkplace-user get SPAM messages quite
Mark D. Overholser
Aug 15, 2003

Changements of yahoogroup

Hi all, Just found out that posting of messages was allowed to anyone, I changed that now so just members can post. Also I didn't approve 2 memberships of
Adrian Gschwend
Aug 15, 2003


gimp-os2 stop now
Aug 15, 2003

Add Inches in length and mass!

Hey dog Nscruises Nscruises pitchstone Its Not Hard..... To Start Being Rock Harder Today! Have Those Ladies SCREAMING For You! Deuce deuce Alissa Marion
Alissa Marion
Aug 14, 2003

Make it bigger today because size DOES matter!

What up fewl? Gimp-os2-owner Gimp-os2-owner tubular Find Out Why..... Some Guy Have All The Ladies! Change Your Life! Ta ta Judy Smith Gimp-os2-owner ailanthus
Judy Smith
Aug 14, 2003
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