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  • Caldera OpenLinux User
    Oct 1, 1997
      Hi Gimping people!

      About tutorials on Gimp.

      We at Frozenriver; Olof and Karin Kylander are writing a total Gimp
      Manual focused on the user side of Gimp . It like an Inside Photoshop
      manual but for Gimp. It's mostly complete but some chapters are not. It
      will be about 100 to 200 pages.

      Introduction and install: 100% finished
      Chapter 1: Basic: open save new prefs and so on 100%
      Chapter 2: Selections: basic selections etc 100%
      Chapter 3: Text and Fonts: How fonts work in Gimp 100%
      Chapter 4: Edit: Edit command in Gimp 75%
      Chapter 5: Basic paint tools in Gimp 100%
      Chapter 6: Transforms in Gimp 100%
      Chapter 7: Brushes, Gradients, Palettes and Patterns 75%
      Chapter 8: Layers and Channels 50%
      Chapter 9: Colors models general color info 50%
      Chapter 10: Advanced Selection 50%
      Chapter 11: Advanced Paint 50%
      Chapter 12: Adv Layers, Channels and Modes 75%
      Chapter 13: Plugins usage 30%
      Chapter 14: Script-Fu usage 30%
      Chapter 15: Write a Script-Fu 0%
      Appendixs: File formats, Install tips, Font install and so on 20%

      We will try to release a working draft of it Sunday evening
      MET (Oct 5). The format will be PS and PDF since we are working in Frame
      Maker. A HTML and SGML version will be released when the manual is
      finished. It will be GPL but with the exeption that you can't print and
      sell it for profit. We will be back with a down loading site.

      Yours Sincerely Olof and Karin

      On Wed, 1 Oct 1997, Adrian Likins wrote:

      > On Oct 1, 1:35am, gimp-developer-owner@... wrote:
      > > Subject: Re: [gimp-devel] start of basic GIMP tutorial
      > > >OK, I have the first draft of an introductory chapter
      > > >for a GIMP tutorial online. At this point I'm open
      > > >
      > > > http://www.rru.com/~meo/gimp/Tutorial/
      > > >
      > Woohoo! Gimp docs. Good to see that several people have started in on
      > documentating GIMP now. Perhaps it is best we coordinate efforts so we dont
      > http://www4.ncsu.edu/~aklikins/gimp/docs/