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92You Can Control Your Costs!

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  • sarcokim@yahoo.com
    Nov 24, 2011

      I receive dozens of emails from our members every week. I have never felt so compelled to share an email with all of you as I do now. Please take a moment to read this heartwarming email during this season of compassion:

      Dear Moderator,
      I don't even know your name but you have played such an important role in my family's life. 6 months ago my husband Jim was laid off. Since that time neither Jim nor I have been able to even find a part time job. It has become a major challenge to even feed our children. Struggling to feed your kids makes you feel like a worthless parent. You changed all of this for us without even knowing it. When you recently recommended the program at http://revoltagainstprices.com  we literally gathered up our loose change and joined this program, trusting in you and your word. The results were exactly as you said amazing ( I am so grateful to you I am beginning to cry). Thanks to this program we have been able to greatly extend our food budget. Don't get me wrong, with the very small income we have things are still a struggle but now they are manageable. Routinely we are saving between 65% - 85% on our entire grocery bills. Jim and I and our kids thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We pray that the good you have done will be returned to you!
      (name not reposted for privacy issues)
      I too cried reading this because we never realize how a little thing such as sharing this program can change someone's life. It is not I that should be thanked, it is this family for sharing their wonderful story. I wish them the best.