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Re: Re: [giftoflovingkindness] Re: Back to Judy re the Flow and Life is Hard

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  • monishaa
    amazing to hear you both. loved it monisha   ... amazing to hear you both. loved it monisha
    Message 1 of 8 , Oct 1, 2008

      amazing to hear you both.
      loved it


      On Sun, 28 Sep 2008 Alice wrote :

      >Dear Judy & Carmalene,
      >Gee Whiz! i love the honesty of both of you talking about your lives so much...just a little note to say that i appreciate them very much.
      >Kudos to all of you, members here too, for sharing your lives with us.
      >Namaste and Metta To One and All,
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      >  From: Judy L. Simon
      >  To: giftoflovingkindness@yahoogroups.com
      >  Sent: Monday, July 28, 2008 1:49 AM
      >  Subject: [giftoflovingkindness] Re: Back to Judy re the Flow and Life is Hard
      >  Hi Carmelene - you're right, everything is in the flow...the bad
      >  stuff, too. I can swim right over to the bad stuff and live over
      >  there, too, and sometimes I do. I don't think your finding the
      >  concrete twenty dollar bill in the flow is so weird. I love the way
      >  you describe the flow. Its right on the mark.Maybe we'll share a room
      >  at the looney bin, but I have experienced the concreteness of the
      >  flow, too.
      >  Not to go into a reverse ego trip, but I was a bad drug addict for
      >  about ten years. One morning about thirty years ago, I came to,
      >  laying in the dirt in a hedge row between a busy street and a park.
      >  My car was parked under a tree with all the doors open. I had no idea
      >  how I got there or what occured in my car. I laid there in the hedges
      >  watching the freshly showered, nicely dressed people driving their
      >  cars to work and I was completly baffled. I could not figure out how
      >  those people could do that and I wished I knew how. A couple of years
      >  later, I was going to AA meetings, my first brush with the spiritual
      >  side of life. I had a little apartment, two pairs of black jeans,
      >  some flip flops, one shirt I had bought in a liquor store in Juarez,
      >  Mexico and a little bible I found in the back of one the the kitchen
      >  cabinets. Another AA member had given me a twin size mattress, a lamp
      >  and a couple of pots and pans.
      >  I got a job working in the mail room of this big building and was
      >  trying with all my heart to change my life. I am five foot nine but I
      >  weighed a hundred pounds - scarecrowish. It was vital to me to stay
      >  clean, eat right and go to work. The most important thing to me at
      >  the time was going to the grocery store on pay day and getting good
      >  food to eat. One pay day morning I went out and my car wouldn't
      >  start. I FREAKED. I got a ride to and from work, but it was pay day
      >  and it was my grocery night. I was crying because I didn't think I
      >  was going to be able to go to the store, but something came over me
      >  and told me to go to my car and drive to the store. The car started,
      >  I went to the store and got my most precious food, and drove home. My
      >  car never started again until I had saved the money to have it fixed.
      >  I know my car starting that night was part of the flow I was in. It
      >  was tangible proof to me that I was on my way to a better life. I
      >  knew it was concrete flow and at that moment I knew I would be okay.
      >  Since then, I've been to college, photography school, I've worked in
      >  great jobs and have owned two houses and I've had some bad time, too.
      >  I have friends and a life. Right now I'm halfway between bad times
      >  headed to good times. And I know its the flow. I can close my eyes
      >  and see the molecules. This may be more info than you ever wanted,
      >  but there you go...lol...I enjoy talking to you and I love this
      >  group....Judy...Metta
      >  www.religiousdigital.blogspot.com
      >  www.blowitallup.blogspot.com
      >  www.buddhistinspiration.blogspot.com
      >  --- In giftoflovingkindness@yahoogroups.com, carmelenesiani@... wrote:
      >  >
      >  > Judy -- Loved your image of "the flow." For me it's not esoteric
      >  only --
      >  > it's concrete as well. It manifests in form. In synchronicity.
      >  In the things
      >  > people say to me. In the so-called random happenstances of my
      >  life. In
      >  > somehing as "mundane" as finding a twenty dollar bill on the
      >  ground. See? I'm
      >  > crazy enough to belive that energy can shape and even move matter.
      >  So -- I guess
      >  > that makes me a candidate for the loony bin myself !!!
      >  >
      >  > I also want to add however, that "being in the flow" doesn't mean
      >  we don't
      >  > suffer. There's lots of suffering in the flow. There's ALL of
      >  life in the
      >  > flow. But I find that a commitment to finding the flow and living
      >  with it --
      >  > keeps me in relationship to the divine all the while. I''ve had a
      >  beautiful life.
      >  > I've never really and truly "suffered." Things have never been
      >  all that
      >  > hard for me. (Well, I guess I should say -- I used to think of
      >  them as having
      >  > been terrible, actually -- but I don't anymore) (smile). I think
      >  of people who
      >  > have had truly difficult lives. Horrible suffering. Unspeakable
      >  challenges.
      >  > And I wonder about my arrogance. It's easy for me to sit here in
      >  my living
      >  > room, the fan blowing on me, blything typing about "the flow." On
      >  the other
      >  > hand -- I've never been pushed into a cattle car headed for god-
      >  knows-where nor
      >  > watch any members oof my family shot before my eyes nor even had a
      >  man raise
      >  > his hand to me. Sometimes -- I am ashamed of myself for my high
      >  fallutin'
      >  > ideas about how to live. Nevertheless -- my struggle is to accept
      >  what was given
      >  > ME. The path that I was placed upon. The life that I was born
      >  into. We are
      >  > all one. And being all one -- some of us are burdened with
      >  suffering for the
      >  > sake of others -- some of us are burdened with the responsibility
      >  of pointing
      >  > to higher ground. It's all part of the flow.
      >  >
      >  >
      >  > Carmelene
      >  >
      >  > Carmelene
      >  >
      >  >
      >  >
      >  >
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