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Ziba Gibson line

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  • celticmoondog
    Fourth try getting a message posted. I m a descendant of Nelson Gibson, the son of Ziba Gibson through my maternal grandfather. My mother s brother submitted
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2008
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      Fourth try getting a message posted. I'm a descendant of Nelson
      Gibson, the son of Ziba Gibson through my maternal grandfather. My
      mother's brother submitted his dna for me. My lineage is as follows:
      Ziba Gibson, Nelson Gibson, William R Gibson, Nelson K. Gibson, Hosea
      C Gibson, then my grandfather Ernest L. Gibson. I remember in my
      early childhood being told by my great grandmother that our Gibsons
      were once Mac????. I found this same story among other branches from
      Ziba Gibson. In most cases the name mention was MacGregor. I know
      from my Gibson dna results that we are not related to the "blood
      MacGregors", but could be to one of their septs since they were an
      outlawed clan and had to adopt other names to survive. Also as with
      most Scottish clans most members of a clan are not dna or"blood
      related" to the chief's line from which the clan's name sprung. I
      have discovered through dna that my Gibson line has no matches with
      any Gibsons except for three Gibsons within the 12 marker ranges.
      Beyond 12 markers the differences are too much to be related at all.
      I have however discovered in the 25 markers and 37 markers range to
      be very closely related to Davenports and Hodnetts. The Hodnetts
      ("hooded knight") were supposedly Normans who eventally settled in
      Ireland where some changed their name to McSherry during the
      Cromwell invasion of Ireland. This story somewhat relates to the
      story of why my Gibsons changed their name to Gibson. That story in
      most branches say it was to escape some kind of governmental
      authorities ( the military is mention most). I have a 34/37 match
      with a Davenport and a Hodnett. Then three 33/37 matches with
      Hodnetts and seven 33/37 matches with Davenports. There is a recorded
      history of a close relationship between a Thomas Gibson and a
      Davenport family in Va in the 1600s. I don't have the information in
      front of me right now to give the details.
      Are there any Gibsons in the group that claim a proven descend from
      Ziba Gibson or from one of his sons? I would like to compare our
      Ernest Johnson
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