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Re: Gibson Research

If anyone is still getting messages from this group please visit our facebook page if you have an account. We have almost 800 members and a lot of information
Jun 17, 2016

Re: Gibson Research

Hello Marsha, I worked with Val on the Gibson genealogy for many, many years. One of the best papers written on the Gibsons was by Val and I would very much
Nov 28, 2014

Re: Gibson Research

Hey there, Please take this email off the distribution list. Val passed away December 18, 2013. Thank you, Marsha Lunsford 828-290-5528 Sent from my iPhone
Valentine Van Zee
Oct 14, 2014

Gibson Research

The list appears to have gone silent here - if anyone is on Face Book please come join the discussion there. Facebook
Oct 14, 2014

Re: land grant from 1608 jamestown, thomas gibson

It reads specifically: "four hundred acres by survey.....being in the county of Monongelia (sic) adjoining his settlement right on the Waters of Cheat River
Sep 13, 2013

Autosomal Matches & Gedmatch

Has anyone done the autosomal testing at FTdna, ancestry.com or 23&me and uploaded their results to Gedmatch ? It would be helpful if maybe we could compare
Sep 4, 2013

Re: land grant from 1608 jamestown, thomas gibson

Where was this land located, do you have a county or river, creek, or anything to identify it? ... From: tgibson089 To: gibson_dna
Sep 4, 2013

land grant from 1608 jamestown, thomas gibson

Hello all, I was just doing some research into a land grant that my father has on one of his bookshelves in his office, which has been passed down through the
Sep 4, 2013

Re: Thomas Gibson, emigrant to Jamestown, 1608

Joanna- I found or received (I can't remember which at this late date) an e-mail from an "Ida Hawkins" stating the the sisters Mary and Elizabeth GIBSON, of
Kelly G
Dec 22, 2012

Technical Problems

I don't know why some of the messages keep going to 'moderation' - it must be a snafu with yahoo. No one is moderated and I apologize for the delay in
Dec 21, 2012

Re: DNA numbers/markers -JOHN-

Hi John, FTDNA (Family Tree DNA) ,,, the testing company that was/is the largest DNA testing company out there,, at least it was at one point, I know they were
mark gibson
Dec 21, 2012

Re: Thomas Gibson, emigrant to Jamestown, 1608

Try Lancashire Co. England. A number of Gibson's went to England from Scotland in the 16th Century. Bob Gibson. ... [Non-text portions of this message have
Robert Gibson
Dec 21, 2012

Re: Thomas Gibson, emigrant to Jamestown, 1608

Hi I've not seen any documents that show Thomas Gibson that came on the 2nd supply left any children although there is some circumstantial evidence. How did
Dec 21, 2012

Thomas Gibson, emigrant to Jamestown, 1608

Hello, all :) In tracing my maternal-line (DAWSON), I have, finally?, traced the GIBSON-line (Elizabeth GIBSON married Joseph DAWSON (b. about 1745) to Thomas
Kelly G
Dec 21, 2012

Re: Glad to find this group!

All I got for the AncestryDNA was a map and pie chart of Genetic Ethnicity and a long list of "possible matches" of people in Ancestry.com. Having gone through
John at JB Linear Music
Dec 14, 2012
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