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Gasket and seals.

Do any of you have part numbers or a list of correct seals and gaskets for the body. I normally use soft seal for all of my rubber needs. Just was trying to
Nov 24

Brake master cylinder

The brake master cylinder on my car is leaking and needs to be replaced. The original cylinder is a single cylinder and for safety reasons I am thinking of
Ivan Ruiz
Nov 18

Ghia 450 SS

Hello Scott! Yes, I'm from Romania. I'm sending you photos of the beautiful and freshly painted Ghia 450 SS. We need a rubber seals supplier for the following
Vlad Tise
Oct 14

Re: New Member

You are in Romania? I can give you US sources for engine and drivetrain but would have to defer to some of our European members for more local sources. The
Oct 14

Re: New Member

Hello Scott. The restoration is almost done. We need the complete set of rubber seals for the bodywork, glasses, engine and drivetrain.  Vlad Tise  Assistant
Vlad Tise
Oct 13

New Member

Welcome, Can you provide some details on which car you are in the process of restoring? We probably have it in our database already but would be good to
Oct 13

Re: '66 Ghia 450 SS

Thanks for the reply Steve. All the pictures I have seen look like it is a satin black. Joe 80-868-9080 ... Thanks for the reply Steve. All the pictures I
Jul 23

Re: '66 Ghia 450 SS

It has been my observation that engine compertments were painted black. However the vehicle samples I base this on have been few and we're restored vs.
Jul 23

'66 Ghia 450 SS

Are the engine compartments body color or something else. The one I'm restoring had the engine compartment and underneath sandblasted when I got it. Thanks,
Jul 23

Re: Paint codes

Can't help. Sorry. I try to keep a registry of all the known (and perhaps unknown) 450ss cars. Can you tell me your serial number and contact info, and if
John M. Graham
Jul 7

Paint codes

I am in the process of restoring a '67 Ghia 450 SS. Is there anyone who would have the paint codes for these cars? This one was originally a dark green.
Joe Abernathy
Jul 7

Re: Ghia L 6.4 Coupe for sale

I have a 450/SS. Don't know anyone who has a L 6.4. Jim On Sun, Jun 28, 2015 at 11:32 AM, Randy Cox randycox273@... ... -- Jim MacDougald 2418 22nd
Jim MacDougald
Jun 28

Re: In need of a set of tail light lenses for my 450

I have a new set of the lenses. It will require using your original reflectors.All the BestRandy Coxrandycoxdesign@...  On Tuesday, August 19, 2014 3:59
Randy Cox
Jun 28

Re: Ghia L 6.4 Coupe for sale

Do you still have your L64 for sale?Randy  randycoxdesign@... On Monday, November 3, 2014 3:26 PM, "JJHuggins@... [ghia450ss]"
Randy Cox
Jun 28


Hello everyone! There are still 5 Windscreen available at Mr.Fiat. If anyone didn't buy one, but still needs it, here is the chance to get it. Regards: David
Mar 24
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