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GORGEOUS GIRL NEWSLETTER Volume 1, Number 4 (December 15, 2000)

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    GORGEOUS GIRL NEWSLETTER Volume 1, Number 4 (December 15, 2000) http://www.mp3.com/gg Thanks for subscribing to my mailing list! I hope you ll remain a member
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      GORGEOUS GIRL NEWSLETTER Volume 1, Number 4 (December 15, 2000)


      Thanks for subscribing to my mailing list! I hope you'll remain a
      member for a long time!


      "Little Drummer Boy"
      Since some of you celebrate Christmas (or at least like to listen to
      Christmas songs during the holiday season), I'd very much appreciate
      it if you could check out my latest song, a remake of the holiday
      classic "Little Drummer Boy." If you like, please use the Email to
      Friends function within MP3.com to email this song to your friends!

      Patrick Adams, a legendary music producer who was given the title
      of "best string and brass arranger in the world," likes this song. He
      has had it on his radio station, BOOM BOOM BOOM ROOM, ever
      since I started on MP3.com, so please check out his music at

      "Spiral Galaxy"
      This is a very different song from the rest of my page. It's a little
      experimental. See if you like it. If you don't, please tell me why
      you don't like it.

      "Sex in the City"
      This song was #4 for a good week before hitting #2 for more than
      a week. Now it's fallen to #3. Apparently, the artists who sent me
      nasty emails about why I shouldn't be invading their genre have not
      continued sending me anymore nasty emails. For a sort time, "Sex
      in the City" was in the Top 20 in the overall Techno Radio chart and
      #412 overall on MP3.com, a very significant achievement! The thing
      that strikes me as odd is, among all of the songs I've produced so
      far, this song required the least amount of effort to complete and it
      has reaped me the greatest rewards. I cannot explain it. Sometimes I
      take an objective listen to the song and wonder why 300+ people are
      downloading/playing the song each day. It boggles my mind.
      However, I am glad it has reached the audience it has and it does
      help bring me one step closer to the coveted overall Top 40 list on


      For some strange reason, "Ascension" has recently seen a resurgence
      in popularity even before I put some promotional resources behind it
      last week. It was awarded a Top 40 spot in Progressive Trance a few
      days ago, which is a very tough chart to succeed in nowadays.

      "Planet Rave" has peaked to as high as #13 in the past week on the
      Rave chart. Due to a reordering of my song list, the song has been
      dropping little by little each day. I thought "Pulsar" would have
      blown "Planet Rave" right out of the water in terms of popularity,
      but it's sinking, too, for reasons unknown to me. Scholarly types on
      MP3.com's bulletin boards say that the onslaught of holiday songs is
      lowering the average MP3.com artist's daily plays. Pretty soon we'll
      be seeing Valentine's Day and Easter songs. Gack!

      VOTE FOR "U.F.O."!

      If you like my song "U.F.O.," please vote for it on the "New
      Electronic Top 100" station! Here's the station URL. Just email the
      station's creator and tell him you're voting for "U.F.O. by Gorgeous
      Girl." Thanks!



      That's right. Knowing what you don't like is every bit as important
      as knowing what you do like. Please take a listen to my music and if
      there is a song or two (or more) that you don't like, please tell me
      which song and why you don't like it. Maybe it's a melody that you
      feel could be better or a percussion sound that should be added or
      removed. You be the judge! If we use your tip to create an improved
      version, we will include your name in the credits (optional).

      Recently, I removed "Funky Booty" from my song list after a bit of
      soul searching. The good points of the song included clean production
      and crisp beats, but the song was missing a certain element that
      prevented it from sounding a little robotic. One reviewer noted that
      it sounded like I strung together canned MIDI beat loops (I actually
      programmed all of the beat loops by hand). Another said the beats were
      fine, but he didn't like the rave pads in it.

      This brings up the point of popularity of a song. A song will be
      popular if it touches the heart and minds of a large variety of
      people. The most famous artists (with the help of their talented
      engineers) produce music that crosses boundaries so whether you are
      young or old, of whatever racial background or cultural group, you
      will enjoy a popular song... or at least tolerate it... the exception
      being Britney Spears.


      "Wild Ride" has sold a couple more copies since the last newsletter.
      The album contains mostly the dance-oriented songs I've created in
      the past few months, including "U.F.O.," "The Raven," "Planet Rave,"
      "Pulsar," and "Sex in the City." These are all of my killer trance
      and techno tunes compiled onto one great CD with some sexy cover art
      that I've spent hours designing. I've done some extensive studies
      and removed all of the songs from my page and my CDs that I feel are
      "has-beens" or "losers." All of the remaining songs have had some
      chart success in recent months. If you feel there is a song on "Wild
      Ride" that doesn't fit with the vibe of the album, please tell me. My
      policy is to be open to all suggestions.


      Email me at gg@...
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