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Re: [getclientsnow] Every Door Direct Mail

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  • Tom Markham
    Alla (et al): I was using snail mail successfully to businesses, but found it expensive, so this is great news. No, I haven t used it, but here s how I mailed
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 12, 2012
      Alla (et al):

      I was using snail mail successfully to businesses, but found it expensive, so this is great news.

      No, I haven't used it, but here's how I mailed effectively to businesses before I built up a big list of emails addresses. I've taught it to many salespeople as the "Markham Method" (me!)

      1-First send a very simple post card that says only:
      "Watch for the letter in the yellow envelope. It can save you up to $100 per month, month-in and month-out."

      I got my leads from infoUSA (which costs money), or from ReferenceUSA, which is infoUSA's public branch, and can be accessed from any public library site for free (if your library subscribes to it).

      You need to know that the biggest challenge when using snail mail is
      simply to get the recipient to open the darned envelope. Most businesses simply throw away ANY mail that is not immediately recognizable. I know we do.

      If you wish, and ideally have a paper cutter, you can pre-print these on the four quarters of an 81/2 X 11" sheet of 24 or 28 pound paper. I used brightly colored paper just to make sure that the card got noticed. When you cut the page into 4 equal cards, they are exactly the correct acceptable size for post cards.

      Step 2: two days later I sent a very brief letter in a yellow envelope.

      The color is not important, but usually envelopes that are an odd color are on sale at your local stationery store or, better, at a store that sells papergoods wholesale. ANY odd color is fine.

      D- Simply sign in colored ink, do not give out any way to contact you.

      The recipient, who is already looking for "a letter in an yellow
      envelope", and who sees this one without a formal appearance, assumes it might be from someone who is not selling anything.

      And, opens it!!

      Be careful here NOT to attempt to sell any product or service, and be
      sure to keep the content very short - no more than one paragraph of 2-3 sentences. Your "sale" is just a brief face-to-face interview - or at least a phone call with a decision-maker.

      "(Prospect name), your name came up recently as a business owner who
      could benefit from an update on recent changes in receiving payment from your customers (patients, clients).

      I will call you tomorrow to arrange to get some information to you.

      I charge nothing for this service. My goal is to get local businesses to network more effectively".

      This is 100% true. The name came up in a list I got from my library; I charge nothing for an in-depth analysis of payment receipt
      (credit-cards, bank-to-bank transfers, and/or remote check deposit
      systems, or for payroll because all my vendors pay me from whatever
      prices I negotiate. I always negotiate to save them money, and to leave a fair commission in the deal for myself.

      And I can ALWAYS save my prospects at least $50 (usually much more) per month in costs without charging them anything.

      And "networking locally" means I request referrals to other local
      businesses after my prospect has become a client, then encourage them in monthly newsletters to frequent each-others' businesses.

      I eventually became my own Chamber of Commerce.

      Step 3- I call to introduce myself, and to set a brief appointment.

      Over time I found that I got 2.4 appointments from every 20 letters I
      sent. I have no idea what the statistics are for others.

      If you adopt this, please get back to me with the results you're having.

      That's my story.

      Tom Markham

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