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    To make the Get Clients Now! reader discussion list valuable for everyone, here are some requests about discussion list protocol. These guidelines are sent to
    Message 1 of 64 , Jul 1, 2003
      To make the Get Clients Now! reader discussion list valuable for everyone, here are some requests about discussion list protocol. These guidelines are sent to the list as a reminder once a month.

      1. List Topic -- The topic of this list is getting clients, which includes marketing, sales, and
      building a service business or private practice. Please keep your posts on topic and do not use the
      list as a clearinghouse for unrelated announcements. (Coaches, please note: this is a sales and marketing list with members from a wide variety of professions, not a list exclusively for coaches.)

      2. Deleting Previous Message -- When replying to a post, take the time to delete the previous
      message if it is appended to your reply. If you do not do this, people receiving the digest version
      of this list must scroll through each one of these appended messages to see the next new post.

      3. Message Subject -- When posting in reply to a message, please change the subject if it no
      longer applies to the content of what you are posting. This helps others determine if they wish to
      read your message or to find it later.

      4. Personal Replies -- When someone requests a personal reply, please respond to them privately
      instead of through the list. If you are requesting a personal reply, type your email address in the
      body of your message to make it easy for those who respond. If you wish to reply to someone
      who has not done this and their address isn't visible, with many email programs you can find the
      sender's address by right-clicking on the message and choosing "Properties." You can also find it
      by visiting the list website and viewing the message there. (The site address
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/getclientsnow is at the end of every message.)

      5. One-Liners -- Refrain from sending one-line responses like "congratulations," "thanks for your
      help," and "go for it" to the list. These messages are more appropriately sent as personal replies.

      6. Advertising -- If you are a Get Clients Now! licensee, you may post BRIEF announcements
      about upcoming Get Clients Now! programs only. In all other cases where you have something to
      sell, please use your signature block to let us know. Signature blocks should be no more than 10
      lines long.

      7. Unsolicited E-mail -- Sending unsolicited email messages to members of this list is strictly forbidden and will result in your being banned from the group without warning.

      Subscribers who violate list rules will hear from me privately to avoid cluttering the list with
      discussions about list protocol. If you have questions about list protocol at any time, please email
      me privately at CoachCJ@... .

      C.J. Hayden, MCC
    • C.J. Hayden
      MF asked:
      Message 64 of 64 , Jun 19, 2008
        MF asked:
        << I am interested in editing a book in which individual chapters will be contributed by different authors. How would I credit and compensate these other contributers? I will probably be self-publishing. Any thoughts? >>

        In a typical arrangement with contributing authors, those who provide chapters for your book would not be compensated with an advance or royalties. Instead, they would receive a certain number of free copies of the finished book plus a discount on ordering future copies for resale. The free copies and discount would usually be comparable to what an author would receive from a publishing house on a book for which they were sole author. In my experience, this is usually 5-10 free copies, and a discount of anywhere from 40-70% (which could also depend on how many copies they order at a time).

        As far as credit goes, authors would expect to have their contact info and a bio slug in the book itself, and to be named on the back cover or dust jacket. The most prominent contributing authors might also be named on the front cover. Authors would also be named in the promo copy for the book on the publisher's website, press releases about it, and some booksellers' websites, space permitting.

        Since a contributing author is normally not paid, what they will want to see from you is some assurance that the book will be a success. Otherwise, their hard work to write a chapter for you might go to waste. I typically only choose to contribute chapters for books that will be published by an established publisher or are being self-published by someone whose track record is known to me. That way I stand a better chance of my work being seen and getting paid back in PR value when I'm not receiving cash compensation.

        -- C.J.

        C.J. Hayden, MCC
        Author, Get Clients Now! (tm) & Get Hired Now! (tm)
        Wings Business Coaching LLC, San Francisco, CA
        (415) 981-8845 or (877) 946-4722 in the U.S.

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