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    ... From: Erwin E. Maruna Hello friend, Todays InfoGram will, in all probability, be the last one you will receive! The reason? After
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2002
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      From: "Erwin E. Maruna" <buchwurm@...>

      Hello friend,

      Todays InfoGram will, in all probability, be the last one you will receive!

      The reason?

      After being in business for 32 years - we will, true to our master plan
      devised many months ago, make the current year, 2002, our last one!

      What this means is, that once an item is sold-out it will not be reordered.
      If you are interested in articles we have listed - please place your order
      now while we still have large quantities to select from. Later on it will
      be more difficult to comply with your requests. If you can, please give 2nd
      choices. No new printed catalog will be mailed any more. The one you have
      received with your last order (#74) is still valid and you can select from
      there, and either mail or fax your order or place it online. We hope to
      hear from you!

      Ever since the secret leaked out - a number of inquiries with respect to
      buying the business were already received. If you are interested in this
      kind of commercial enterprise, have some experience, speak German, and know
      something about books and music - please let us know. Or perhaps you know
      someone who is looking for a business such as ours? In any event - please
      get in touch with us.

      All contacts, however, must be done in writing or by phone! No e-mail
      inquiries will be answered!

      And finally - to our many customers all over the US, Canada, and many other
      countries - we'd like to extend a hearty 'THANK YOU' and deep appreciation
      for your patronage over these many, many years. We hope very much that a
      new owner will operate the business as successfully as we did for the next
      32 years. Have a nice day

      Erwin & Doris Maruna
      Since 1970 -- One-stop source for German Books, Music, Video Films and
      DER BUCHWURM, PO Box 268, Templeton, California 93465-0268, USA
      Telephone: 805-238-2353 Fax: 805-238-9523 E-Mail: info@...
      Home page: http://www.buchwurm.com
      "Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security, will not
      have, nor do they deserve, either one" --Thomas Jefferson

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