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  • JanKPlum@aol.com
    Apr 18, 2010
      That is the information that has been passed down as the place in Germany
      where my ancestor that migrated to the United States came from. I am
      trying to verify information and learn more. I appreciate any help you can
      give. I have also learned two additional city names of Rheinpfalz and
      Dirnstein. The name was Abraham Heisser. His father was Johann Jakob Hausser.
      Thank you. Jan Plummer

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      Hallo Reiner !

      Nach den Napoleonischen Kriegen ging ein Teil der Pfalz an Bayern. Dieser
      TEil wurde Rheinkreis genannt.
      Am ehesten würde, meines Erachtens der Ort Birmstein passen.



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      Date: 17.04.2010 22:33:09
      Subject: AW: [germanroots] Heisser

      > Hallo Jan Plummer,
      > i am a German, living in Germany. What is "Reihnkreis Beiern
      > Greatings
      > Reiner
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      > Datum: Samstag, 17. April, 2010 04:04 Uhr
      > I am trying to find more information on my ancestors in Gernamy. I know
      > that my great great grandfather was Abraham Heisser. I migrated to the
      > United States in April, 1840. He was born in Reihnkreis Beiern
      > on October 5, 1810. He died October 6, 1881. He married Helena Mader,
      > April 15, 1815 in the same place. His Father Johann Jacob Hausser
      (notice the
      > change in spelling) born in Dirnstein, Germany, March 26, 1776. He
      > married Maria Magdalena Keck February 7, 1802. She was born August 12,
      > in the same place.
      > Johann's parents were Rudolf Heusser (unsure if that spelling is e or
      > should be a), born in Dirnstein, Germany and Katharina Franziska
      Walther, born
      > in same place
      > Maria's parents were Thomas Keck, born 1746 Dirnstein , Germany and
      > Katharina Sauer
      > Helena's parents were Nickolaus Keck born April 11, 1778 and Michelina
      > Margarethe Nossel born September 25, 1778 It looks like Nikolaus's
      parents and
      > Maria's parents were the same which would make my great great
      > first cousins.
      > Michelina's parents were Kasper Nossel, born 1745 and Maris Margarethe
      > BackmannThey were all born in Dirnstein.
      > I would like to know anything about them I could like occupations,
      > affiliation, military involvement, and any information available on the
      > process and decision to migrate to the United States. I would also like
      > verify the geneology information as some of the same first and middle
      > are showing up for different people.
      > Thank you so much,
      > Jan Plummer
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