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1096AW: [germanroots] Heisser

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  • Reiner Körner
    Apr 18, 2010
      Here more:
      12. Abraham Heisser - International Genealogical Index / GE
      Gender: Male Birth: 05 OCT 1810 , Pfalz, Bayern

      It is Bayern  and Rheinkreis the area round the city of Kaiserslautern.
      Conton ?  Kanton means county. There should be one word more, a name of a city. Can you tell it.
      Greatings Reiner

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      I am trying to find more information on my ancestors in Gernamy. I know
      that my great great grandfather was Abraham Heisser. I migrated to the
      United States in April, 1840. He was born in Reihnkreis Beiern Conton,Germany
      on October 5, 1810. He died October 6, 1881. He married Helena Mader,
      April 15, 1815 in the same place. His Father Johann Jacob Hausser (notice the
      change in spelling) born in Dirnstein, Germany, March 26, 1776. He
      married Maria Magdalena Keck February 7, 1802. She was born August 12, 1784.
      in the same place.
      Johann's parents were Rudolf Heusser (unsure if that spelling is e or
      should be a), born in Dirnstein, Germany and Katharina Franziska Walther, born
      in same place
      Maria's parents were Thomas Keck, born 1746 Dirnstein , Germany and
      Katharina Sauer
      Helena's parents were Nickolaus Keck born April 11, 1778 and Michelina
      Margarethe Nossel born September 25, 1778 It looks like Nikolaus's parents and
      Maria's parents were the same which would make my great great grandparents
      first cousins.
      Michelina's parents were Kasper Nossel, born 1745 and Maris Margarethe
      BackmannThey were all born in Dirnstein.
      I would like to know anything about them I could like occupations, church
      affiliation, military involvement, and any information available on the
      process and decision to migrate to the United States. I would also like to
      verify the geneology information as some of the same first and middle names
      are showing up for different people.

      Thank you so much,
      Jan Plummer

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