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Re: Tentative Tavern Day

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  • Patrick Neil Fields
    Good Mrs. Moyer, There is no need to feel regret dear Wendy! Attendance is at one s Convenience and Pleasure. I beg you be at ease! The Lord will provide you
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 12, 2008
      Good Mrs. Moyer,

      There is no need to feel regret dear Wendy! Attendance is at one's
      Convenience and Pleasure. I beg you be at ease! The Lord will provide
      you ample time and quicken your haste as is Right and Proper for your

      As a Midlin' Merchant, I believe intermittent emulation in the dress
      of my more humble clientele serves to cause a sense of commonality
      with them. Surely, such a feeling can only grease the wheels of our
      trade! On the other hand, my affluent customers know me to be a man
      of good Manners and Taste. Such amusement as to find me in a straw
      hat is, to their way of thinking, no more than a quaint peculiarity
      of my character. Talk is, after all, that the well renowned Mr.
      Jefferson does sometimes don straw hats in Virginia commonwealth,
      during the heat of summer. I should certainly ne'r wish to appear to
      make better of myself than such a great Man.

      Well, I do envy your fortunate Husband, as your delicately skilled
      hand is so devoted to his best appearances! (His impeccably fitted,
      glorious black suit still lingers in my mind's eye!) I've waited most
      patiently for you to resume talk of my linen suit, but in vain.
      Obviously, I must again pick up my needle and shears to save myself
      any shame of depriving your family's necessities. Just as well. My
      clumsy hands need more practice than I afford them and to see your
      fine son and lovely daughter in new raiment will be a greater
      satisfaction to my heart.

      Please do post the photos you mentioned! For one, I especially take
      serene pleasure in family portraits as they so quintessentially
      encompass the theme of humanity's voyage across the sea of time.

      In Covet'd Liberty, I truly Remain,

      Pat'k Neil Fields

      --- In georgiansociety@yahoogroups.com, "Wendy M." <wendymoyer@...>
      > Dear Sir,
      > I am once again very regretful that if the weather does make it
      necessary to
      > have the outing on Sunday I will not be able to make the occasion
      of meeting
      > On your new adventure into a straw cocked hat. There was just a
      > on one of the other lists about it but I did not read it all. If I
      > correctly it was decided that only the poor had them which in your
      > is not for your likes.
      > On that letter also I have forgotten to say what my area of likes
      are for
      > dress. I am at always at least middling class as my dearest is a
      > practitioner of physic in our alter time period and I do have quite
      > collection of clothing now from lower class to gentry for myself at
      least. I
      > do have mind to make my dearest a silk suit by next winter however
      that may
      > not happen for a bit. I do have a growing boy to be arranged to
      make for
      > along with my dear daughter.
      > If any wish I will be most happy to place photos of my dear family
      into the
      > ablem for this group.
      > YH&OBS,
      > Mrs Wendy Moyer
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