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38[georgiansociety] Re: Morris House Tour

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  • Vickie Feldman
    May 14 7:32 PM
      [georgiansociety] Re: Morris House Tour
      Mr. Fields, this is *very* odd.  I only *just* sent you my reply to your last message a couple of moments ago.  Then I checked my electronic mail (also known in these modern times as "e-mail"), and there was the message below!  We must have been writing to each other at about the same time.

      Unfortunately, I did not take photographs, but there was a gentleman in attendance who did take some.  He is planning to write an article about today's event in the newspaper known as the Weekly Press.  Perhaps I will inquire to see if he would be willing to send any of his photographs to me.

      I must sign off right now so that my husband can have access to this computer machine.


      Good Vickie,

      Have you any photographs from the tour to post? I should like to make time to visit the Morris House tavern this summer if the proprietor is amenable to 'period' guests.

      Pat'k Neil Fields

      --- In georgiansociety@yahoogroups.com, Vickie Feldman <vfeldman@...> wrote:
      > Okay, now I'm going to try this one more time. If this doesn't work,
      > then I will have to consult my husband, the "techie."
      > I've attached the announcement about this Friday's *free* tour of the
      > Morris House.
      > Vickie

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