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22Re: [georgiansociety] Tavern Day!

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  • Maggie Pulgar-Thompson
    Sep 28, 2008
      Good evening all..
      I've recently joined this lovely society and am thrilled to meet you all. I'm Maggie.. a 31 year old reenactor/living historian with the the 2nd NJ Helm's company(Contiental Line) and currently learning the ways of the colonial lady. I am situated in Northern NJ( Bergen county) . Due to eye surgery I lack driving ability for at least the next few months, which is a bit of a burden in attending events/meeting those of our ilk. However, I will be visiting Philadelphia with some friends on Sat Oct 11th. Are there any events planned for that particular Saturday?
      Looking forward to hearing from you and once again happy to meet.
      I dutifully remain

      On Thu, Sep 18, 2008 at 7:39 AM, Patrick Neil Fields <ol_crank_arm@...> wrote:

      Greetings Friends,

      As the climate Saturday impending is projected to be perfectly
      accommodative to our special manner of dress, I affectionately invite
      one and all to attend Tavern Day!

      Those who wish, are encouraged to choose readings they find of special
      enlightenment to share with others among us.

      Some may recall that Mrs. Elizabeth Boggs regularly performs upon the
      harpsichord on Saturday evenings, so we who have the leisure to remain
      are likely to enjoy the additional delight of her superb dexterity and
      if so inclined, we may additionally dine!

      In Covet'd Liberty, I Truly Remain,

      Pat'k Neil Fields

      Some things you must always be unable to bear-injustice and outrage and dishonor and shame-just refuse to bear them.

      -William Faulkner
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