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21Your Contemplations Are Graciously Solicited

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  • Patrick Neil Fields
    Sep 28, 2008
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      An Act, proposed for consideration by:
      Patrick Neil Fields
      Philadelphia city & county
      The commonwealth of Pennsylvania

      Direct Legislative Act of The Peoples of the several federated States
      of America

      Short Title

      Act To Permanently Remove All Current Officeholders of the Federal
      Government, Together With Their Appointees, and Elect New Officers in
      Replacement Therefor, Whose Duty It Shall Be To Appoint Such
      Replacements As Constitutionally Proper and Necessary,. and for other


      Whereas, the currently elected and appointed officeholders occupying
      the three branches of the federal body have, on the whole,
      continually failed to protect and defend the spirit and letter of the
      Constitution for The United States of America, as otherwise bound by
      solemn oath, and

      Whereas, said officers and appointees have surreptitiously, by mere
      color of law, established the 10 Planks of The Communist Manifesto in
      the legal, economic and social framework of Our said States and
      federation; a collectivist scheme in blatantly direct contravention
      to the free, individualistic pattern upon which Our States and
      federation was founded, which We yet strive to preserve to our
      progeny, and

      Whereas, said officers and appointees have caused Bills of Credit to
      be made Legal Tender throughout Our said States, in bold, willful and
      contemptuous defiance of clear Constitutional prescription against
      such currency and in such steadily increasing amounts as to thereby
      dilute its purchasing power 96%, and

      Whereas, said officers and appointees have colluded by willful and
      grossly negligent acts, to subject The People of the said States and
      their descendants to extreme financial servitude by means of said
      credit-monetary inflation and unconstitutional liability for
      indebtedness therein, properly attributable to private individuals
      and entities;

      Therefore; We The People, lawful permanent domiciliaroes of the
      ordinary and original jurisdictions of Our several States of America,
      in Our Natural and Constitutional Right as the foundational authority
      from which the federation called The United States of America exists,
      do hereby resolve that upon the following terms, conditions and time
      schedule, all offices, elective and under appointment thereof, shall
      be vacant, and such replacement officeholders who shall then have
      been elected according to said terms, conditions and time schedule
      shall be put under recorded oath or affirmation to Properly attend
      the duties of their respective offices and to assign such replacement
      appointees as shall be necessary according to the constitutions and
      concordant laws.