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15Re: [georgiansociety] Independence Celebration Report

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  • Wendy M.
    Jul 10, 2008
      Dear Sir,
      I am truly sorry I was not able, along with my family, to join our regiment at the Tavern on Saturday evening last. I did hear that they made quite a merry sound as is there habit in camp also.
      I must say that sadly I must be otherwise occupied this coming Saturday with a fine day of baking at the barracks for our soldiers (we have a tour group) and on Sunday likewise with out the baking.
      I can not say for the Saturday following as of the moment but perhaps.
      I am glad to have been of service to you and you are a handsome sight in it. I must beg leave at this moment for I do feel quite tired. I have been sewing all day and have not been able to accomplish what I wished, that having to complete my daughter's mantua for her time at the Trent Home, as it is proving to be quite a task in learning earlier methods of assembly.
      I remain,
      Mrs. Wendy Moyer
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