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14Independence Celebration Report

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  • Patrick Neil Fields
    Jul 10, 2008
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      Dear Friends,

      I am delighted to report that I had attended the Tavern on Friday and
      Saturday past, to celebrate our Independence Day festivities. If the
      weather should remain sufficiently amenable, I am inclined to again
      make such additional appearances this week as well.

      Some of our Friends may be aware that I had spent some time
      assembling a new summer suit for the occasion. My skills, having
      failed me in this attempt, I frantically pleaded the incomparable
      hand of our good Mrs. Moyer to rescue me from my folly. In her very
      most gracious assistance, she swept away my dread! Images shall

      The Holiday was immeasurably enhanced by an encampment on the Tavern
      grounds displaying the divers implements of military kit replete with
      tales of their use and origins.

      The early evening of Saturday, was greatly enlivened with the
      boisterous songfull glee of the 5th Pennsylvania Regiment; having
      soon before broken their own encampment on the grounds of the
      Constitution Center.

      In the course of all this celebratory excitement, chance had me
      become acquainted in one Thomas Paine, with whom I engaged a lively
      and spirited debate upon the matters of our Country's days! I pray
      sincerely that we may again make company to continue such
      envigorating and thoughtful discourse!

      Well, it is now Thursday the 10th, and as we are blessed with weather
      so fine as not to waste, I am dressed to return to town to further
      adventure what engagements shall appear!

      In Covet'd Liberty, I Truly Remain,

      Pat'k Neil Fields
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