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11Tavern Day Rescheduled

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  • Patrick Neil Fields
    Mar 14 6:03 AM
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      Cherished Members,

      The Fates are surely giggling amongst themselves, as they've now tossed
      our weekend into something of a state uncertain. Both tomorrow and
      Sunday are predicted to produce periods of rain. However, as it is
      anticipated that tomorrow should be the warmer of the two, with our
      Almanacers' best estimate that the most intensive rains are not
      due `till the cusp of Sunday morning, a change of plan seems in order.

      Unless a Member shall be caused Inconvenience or Disappointment, and
      make Just Complaint known upon the list today, we shall meet for Tavern
      Day on the morrow, dated the 15th immediate.

      In Covet'd Liberty, I Truly Remain,

      Pat'k Neil Fields
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