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92 Geo Metro Convertible 5 speed for sale Car is in west palm beach florida craigs list URL: http://miami.craigslist.org/pbc/cto/4214107140.html
Nov 29, 2013
Re: Geo Metro Convertible I am on my second Geo Metro Convertible. My first one hit a deer, then after repairs, a couple weeks later, was caught up in a pile up in an ice storm and was
Brad Cobb
Nov 29, 2013
Re: Geo Metro Convertible o love my geo  it was stolen last summer i got it back with 5000 extra miles on it insurance fixed it upnicly and she is in storage now with onlt 52,000 miles
Malcolm Brubaker
Nov 28, 2013
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Re: Geo Metro Convertible Try rockauto.com
Nov 27, 2013
Re: Geo Metro Convertible i just got my 92 convertable back, it was stolen in july. now i need a door nob out side driver side and a heater fan motor . my car was fully insured , that
Sep 29, 2013
Geo Metro Convertible Hello there is a 1993 Geo Metro Convertible listed on E-Bay item number 161108935452
Sep 19, 2013
Geo Metro Convertible Hello there is a 1993 Geo Metro Convertible listed on E-Bay item number 161108935452
Sep 19, 2013
1992 Geo Metro Convertible 5 speed for sale I have a 1992 Geo Metro Covertible for sale. 5 speed manual transmission. Needs a new top and has body rust. Mechanically perfect. I brand new mounted tire
Sep 17, 2013
Reliable and affordable Parts sources I have a 92 Geo Metro convertible which I put a new top on & had a mechanic go through it to make sure All was well; had installed a rebuilt engine and also
Feb 5, 2013
Re: Hello, Group! Introductions: nimblebee phyn1 the better group to use is : thegeometroclub@yahoogroups.com    Robert Life is thickly sown with thorns, and I know no other remedy than to
Nov 9, 2012
Hello, Group! Introductions: Hello Group! Handle is Nimblebee or as here this forum phwyn1 I have a 92 geo metro convertible, and hope to get it out of the shop here in a week or so. I
Nov 9, 2012
Re: Moderator? I am the original moderator for this group. I used to own 3 metro convertibles two 1991's and a 1993. You can contact me at swinglebutch@... and
Jul 13, 2012
Started this club awhile ago and do not have the time to maintain it I am looking for a sincere member who would like to take over this club and run the way it should be run. Not all this spam crap that is filling up the posts.
Dec 19, 2011
Happy new owner! Hi everyone! I just got a convertible Metro a month ago. I bought a new top but was sad to see some serious parts missing; it's the two metal holders where the
Nov 11, 2011
WTB 1991 Geo Metro convertible top bows Does anyone have a top bow for the above car, for sale? Mine broke on theleft side where the left hinge mechanism attachs to the plasticbow that the leading
Apr 4, 2011
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weather stripping I cant find weather stripping for my new top.. anything close that i can make work??? it s a 93
Mar 11, 2011
weatherstripping for 92 geo convertible Hi, I need a new top for my 92 Geo Convertible. But, first I need to locate some usable, in decent shape, some weatherstripping for it. I need a top pillar
Sep 10, 2010
Wanted Rear boot for convertible metro driver side Anyone got one of these out there for sale or trade? Also anybody from jeresy on here??
Sep 8, 2010
Nice Geo convertible for Sale 93 great little red 'vert. New top, exhaust, tires good glass, paint, body, int, FM/CD. Only 86xxx miles. Adult owned. Pix avail. via email or see:
Jun 6, 2010
parts needed say i have a 91 vert and i need a radio and i also need the part the hood prop rod clips into at the fender back at the hinge ares! if anyone has one of these
Apr 8, 2010
Re: valve guide install and remove tool Bob, You may ask the folks at geometroforum.com.  They seem to know a thing or two about these.  Dan ... From: corvairbob65 Subject:
Danny Paul
Feb 8, 2010
valve guide install and remove tool anyone know where i can get the valve guide remover and install tool for the 91 head? or will i have to just make one? thanks
Feb 7, 2010
Cleaning I was told by the company I bought my new top from to just use soapy water and a clean cloth. Dry with a soft dry cloth. I was told NOT to use window cleaner
James Sherman
Jan 18, 2010
Re: metro seats Bob, Sorry, I only have first gen Geos, 89-94.  I'll keep my eye out though..  Have you tried exploring Craigslist? Dan ... From: corvairbob65
Danny Paul
Jan 5, 2010
metro seats I'm looking for a set of good front seats out of a 95 or newer metro. in the west Michigan area. if you have or know of some please drop me a note. thanks bob.
Jan 5, 2010
parts wanted does any one in the west Michigan area know of or have a good set of front seats from a 95 or newer Geo they can part with? I'm redoing my 91 vert. and i would
Jan 1, 2010
THIS SITE IS FOR THE GEO METRO CONVERTIBLE INTEREST ONLY! Any one found using this site for any other purpose other than to buy sell or exchange information about these little special interest cars will be deleted
Dec 27, 2009
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Geo Metro Convertible Top Window Weatherstripping FOR SALE Hi Everyone, I have some GEO METRO LSI Convertible Top Window Weatherstripping that came off a 1991 Red LSI Vert. It can be seen on eBay. Item #230396601510.
Nov 7, 2009
Re: parts needed Bob, You're in luck.  I've got all 3 wiring harness from a 1991 Geo Metro Automatic Convertible (the same one that didn't have the window
Danny Paul
Nov 2, 2009
parts needed i need a wire harness for a 91 geo metro. with the automatic. from under the hood all the way to both computer. and i could also use the shifter mechanism
Nov 1, 2009
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