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Upadaria: a land, an ideal

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  • bill collier
    Greetings to all! I hale from Upadaria, whichh in ancient Persian emans the people rule . When I created the name I was not aware of this, I created it out of
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 16, 2002
      Greetings to all!
      I hale from Upadaria, whichh in ancient Persian emans "the people rule". When I created the name I was not aware of this, I created it out of the initials UPDR which stood for a United People's Democratic Republic. Later, this was expanded into the four core ideals of Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and a Rule of law.
      Upadaria is essentially nordic in its clime, I envisioon mountains and streams and vast dark forests interspersed with valley famlands and villages.
      The Empire is a collection of city states, Like Riqueday, Watier, Novazzium, Claypool, Gaddox, Shagalonia, Greta's Gorge, Unnanaria, Leptis Parva, Micomesung, Brabandt, Reichswald, Duhnkehp and etc. Each city state is self sustaining in terms of food, shelter, energy, and clothing btu also very active in trade within the empire and the greater world, sort of locally focused yet very cosmoplitian and interconnected with the greater world.
      Upadaria is governed by its philsophy which is bassed on the foru coire ideals, the social vision (consensus, sustainability, cooperaiton), the social ethic (welafre, economic justice, and autonomy), an economic model called "Concordianism", and a poltical model caleld Libertocracy.
      Each city-state is autonomous and has a unique character and culture while the government is divided into three govevernemtns, united under a High Coucil and Emmperor whose main funcitons are to enforce the Chart of Empire and the rights for individuals and communtiies.
      The Imperial Government, led by a Regent, deals with foreign affairs and defense. The Imperial Senate is made up of to senators per city state.
      The Federal government, led by a president, handles trade and commerce. The Guild Senate and Guild House represent economic guilds within the naiton: each accredited (based on number of memebrs) guild senmd one senator while in the House representatives are elected by guilds in proportion to their numbers of members.
      The Civil government deals with the criminal code and civil affairs and is led by a High Chancellor. The Civil Parliament representes the political parties and seats are assigned to parties based on proportional representation.
      This system is designed so as to prevent a concentraiton of power on one hand and a paralysis by analysis on the other hand. Each government legislates in its own areas of responsibility and can be vetoed by 2/3rds votes from any of the other two governments, however the High Council can over ride or modify a veto with 2/3rds vote.
      Upadaria is a land of great wealth, the wealth of an inventive and productive people whose reason for working is not to boost the GDP but, rather, to find and fulfill their callings in life. I stead of a work ethic that says get a degree and get a job our ehtic is to get knowledge on an ongoing basis and aquire a skill to serve oters while fulfilling your own dreams and, thereby, instead of simply making a living, make a LIFE.
      Upadaria wishes to be at peace with all other nations, but is prepared for self protection in the event of aggression. The defense of the Empire is the personal responsibility of her citizens.
      Many of the nations represented here are fascinating and innovative and it is with such peopleand nations that I, as Regent of Upadaria, wish to become affiliated. I offer my sevrices in any way I can help any of you to grow your nations, exchange ideas, or in any matter where I can assist you. I beleive that by growing ALL nations, not just one or a few, we can grow a movement of spirit which will catch on in the greater society around us.
      Yours in service,
      Regent William R Collier Jr
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