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Jan. 31-Feb. 4

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  • habarakhe4
    2006 Jan. 31 Knasgowa Tsiyu-Gunsini, widow of former White Minister (1957-1968) Mauritz Ludwig Köhncke Jr. (1929-1968), dies. Mauritz Ludwig Köhncke Jr.,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2006
      Jan. 31
      Knasgowa Tsiyu-Gunsini, widow of former White Minister (1957-1968)
      Mauritz Ludwig Köhncke Jr. (1929-1968), dies. Mauritz Ludwig Köhncke
      Jr., half-Moro, half-Tsilalagi, was a prominent leader in the League
      of Red and White for equal access to law, as his father Mauritz
      Ludwig Köhncke (1899-1984) was in the Wildgräfenbund prior to his
      expulsion and after his return.
      Feb. 1
      ALJASKA, Nordenbund –
      A Japanese bulk cargo ship was detained in north Pacific waters by
      the Aljaskan Seawatch. Aljaskan authorities suspected the ship, the
      Whale of the Ocean, of carrying contraband supply to rebels in the
      mountains of Jinguo. The government of Japan vehemently denies this,
      calling the previous regime in Jinguo "a menace to world peace". The
      captain is a friend of former Minister of Transport Ma Ningri,
      whereabouts currently unknown, and former Minister of Plenty Fu Ainu,
      whom the Tetrarchy in the southern zone of Jinguo have recruited for
      her knowledge.
      Feb. 2
      Papal Secretary Jurcevic has announced that all the kingdoms, states,
      and commonwealths who have remained unwavering in their allegiance to
      the True Faith and its leader, Damasus, third of that name, will
      coordinate in the issue of new coinage featuring "the baptism of Our
      Lord Christ Jesus". Jurcevic assured the "apocalypse-obsessed" that
      this coordination did not involve integration of the argencies [1] of
      [1] currencies
      Feb. 3
      Former DKN President Diederick Lorenz Ewig and current President
      Äneas Roman Jakobs (2005-) together cut the ribbon to the
      Hohenstaufenstraße entrance, indicating that Neu Arenberg was once
      again ready to welcome recreational wanderers to the heart of the
      capital. Although the damage was less than had been feared, President
      Jakobs and the Diet decided that Neu `Arenberg' was the pride of the
      confederation and should present the best face to world. Red Minister
      Pumpkin, of the League of Red and White, attended the ceremony and
      assured President Jakobs that the LRW would continue to support the
      DKN in the repair of the confederate capital. White Minister
      Hillvillage was also scheduled to come, but cancelled in favor of
      investigations into recent burnings of holy sites within the LRW.

      Feb. 4
      Del Valle to stop Ping-Lai Pineapple growing.
      Del Valle Corporation has announced that it will no longer grow
      pineapples in Ping-Lai, its traditional source for the fruit,
      sparking protests from the government and queen. Queen Keikikalani
      and Kahuna Nui (Prime Ministrix) Likeke Lono urged Del Valle to
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