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FI News: Dec. 5-10

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  • habarakhe4
    December 5 ROME, The Papal States – Papal Secretary Jercevic has issued a tract, Primum Negantes , against Elijah of Belfort. Aureologists around the world
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2005
      December 5
      ROME, The Papal States –
      Papal Secretary Jercevic has issued a tract, 'Primum Negantes',
      against Elijah of Belfort. Aureologists around the world have hasten
      to obtain copies so that the contents of the chastening might be made
      known to them.

      December 6
      Germanicus Studios has announced that it will begin production on a
      live-action Tonton movie. The studio herald announced that the plot
      would be based on the story "Tonton au Taouantinsuju". Tonton is the
      beloved character first drawn by Rénard Saint-Georges. A perpetual
      young man, this seminary student is in the employ of the Guild of War
      Journalists, accompanied by his black and white spaniel Pieds-Noir,
      and his friends Commandeur Halibut, Doctor Gottfried Gyroscope, and
      nearly always encountering the androgynous Beaubois `triplets'.

      December 7
      LONDON, Kingdom of England, United Kingdom –
      The staging of Carloman Dickens' "Bleak Midwinter" is an annual
      tradition and the first performance of the season in honor King
      Michael proved its staying power. Hearts warm to the tale of little
      Timothea Turnsoul, a widowhouse orphan, and the initially villainous
      Eben Hepburn.
      December 8
      CAER IORWERTH, Kingdom of Vinland –
      Political gadfly Ármann Konradhssen Sigurbjörnssen has announced
      on "Today with Birta Valtyrsen" that he yearns for his own dramatic
      series. The normally docile audience of the show collapsed in

      December 9
      LEMAN, Helvetian Republic –
      Elijah of Belfort, the religious lunatic who in recent months has
      assumed control of the Territory of Belfort, has committed his
      greatest assault upon a civilized sense of decency by proclaiming
      that his followers may practice polygamy. Although it is true that
      the distaff branch is more more amenable to his verbal seduction,
      experts expects that this announcement will be his undoing.

      December 10
      The castrati boy band Cornerstone will perform tonight in concert to
      benefit the fund for opposing the Liberian schism. One lucky admirer
      will receive a Christmas Eve private concert and dinner with Edwy.
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