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Re: [gensoft] Re: Hosted Genealogy Software

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  • Paul Blair
    ... Well, if everyone had edit rights, I d still have control. Note that I have control only because its my site. If it belonged to my sister, she would have
    Message 1 of 18 , Feb 11, 2006
      At 03:35 pm 12-02-2006, you wrote:
      > > All changes comes back to me to approve. That sounds a bit extreme,
      > > but this starts can start a negotiation process.
      >This is my point. The reason it works (for you) is that you remain
      >in control, some are allowed to assist you, while others have merely
      >an observer role. I'd be happy if I remained in control of the data
      >too :-) But would it work for you if you didn't have that control
      >and if everyone had edit rights? Would you be happy to put your data
      >on my phpGedView where I had the control?

      Well, if everyone had edit rights, I'd still have control. Note that
      I have control only because its my site. If it belonged to my sister,
      she would have control. I guess I then have to show people that I'm
      using my power responsibly. If I didn't have control...hmmm....I
      think there would be difficulties.
      >Just out of curiousity ... with phpGedView (which I have never used,
      >but have seen it on a few sites), what happens if I set up one too
      >(over which I retain control as you do) and then we discover that we
      >have a branch of our two families in common. How do we combine the
      >information? Which site holds/controls it? One or both? If a
      >WWW-hosted collaborative system was to work, it must scale to
      >encompass this kind of thing from both a technical and social standpoint.

      Sites like mine depend on GEDCOMs for feedstock. So, if we want to
      share info, we need to share GEDCOMs, I guess. The web site is only a
      mirror of my work, not the prime holding. Changes that come to me get
      transferred by hand back to the master file. Tedious at times, but it
      gives me thinking time...

      At the end of the day, software is only a tool. But remember that I'm
      collecting data for me, to share with whom I choose. I don't own
      anything, nor would I criticise anyone for doing what I might have
      done already. Anyone else can do what I did (probably better!) and
      I'm not shoving my work (and errors) onto them. They have free will.
      >To some extent, I am replaying a discussion here that took place
      >among some of my colleagues (all distributed system researchers, but
      >most of them not genealogists) a couple of years ago. Our conclusion
      >was that a distributed network of genealogical information was
      >probably possible, but there were a lot of pitfalls to be dealt
      >with, both in terms of the technical side and the social side.

      I agree totally. Being able to negotiate is an essential part of all
      this! My mother had a poster in her kitchen about sweet words, and
      not having to eat them tomorrow!


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