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Capturing data from new FamilySearch

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  • Steve Hayes
    The following message forwarded from soc.genealogy.computing: The new Familysearch experience (always a warning term as far as I m concerned) lacks Gedcom
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 11, 2011
      The following message forwarded from soc.genealogy.computing:

      The new Familysearch "experience" (always a warning term as far as
      I'm concerned) lacks Gedcom download and according to an email I
      received from their support it's not going to be implemented. It
      looks as if the original site will be discontinued and when it is
      there'll be no download facility at all. Indeed the download has
      been badly broken for some weeks in that it will only prepare a few
      records at a time without throwing an error.

      Whilst Gedcom is, IMV, a less than perfect means of transmitting
      genealogical data it is effective at doing the heavy lifting of data
      capture from IGI extracts into just about all genealogical S/W and
      the demise of this download will leave a gap.

      AFAICS the only way of getting data out of the website will be by
      cutting and pasting but to get data into an existing package will
      require the various display formats to be parsed. I'm considering
      writing a quick and dirty program to support this. All it will do
      will be to reformat the data as XML. As I use Gramps which has an
      XML option for export & import I'll use XSLT to get the initial
      format into the Gramps format. I'll leave the task of writing a
      stylesheet to reformat into Gedcom to anyone who wants to take it

      On a quick inspection of the data, however, it looks as if some
      reference numbers will need to be added for various entities in any
      single record. From memory, for instance, a baptism will have a
      segment for the subject which will include a unique reference number
      and also a reference number cross-referencing it to the family.
      There will be a separate segment for the family which bears this
      cross-reference. The parents, if available, will each have their
      own reference number. Gramps has a similar requirement. It also has
      a reference number for the place. The application will need to add
      these numbers to the XML. The numbers can be UUIDs (GUIDs if you
      speak Microsoft).

      The question which arises is how many UUIDs should be provided.
      Here's an example baptism record of my 3xggmother:

      Name: Mary Collier
      Gender: Female
      Baptism/Christening Date: 27 Dec 1760
      Baptism/Christening Place: ALMONDBURY,YORK,ENGLAND
      Birth Date:
      Death Date:
      Name Note:
      Father's Name: George Collier
      Father's Birthplace:
      Father's Age:
      Mother's Name:
      Mother's Birthplace:
      Mother's Age:
      Indexing Project (Batch) Number: P01712-1
      System Origin: England-ODM
      Source Film Number: 230649
      Reference Number:

      I think I need UUIDs for:
      The subject, Mary
      Place of baptism
      Place of birth (missing in this instance but should be provided for)
      Father's birthplace
      Mother's birthplace
      The event as a whole - although the record format makes provision for a
      record number this clearly can't be relied on to be present.

      Is this sufficient or should we provide for the indexing information
      following the mother?

      From a practical point of view I'd probably populate all the UUIDs
      & leave the downstream S/W to discard those for which the elements
      are blank.

      Here's Mary's marriage, somewhat screwed up in transcription:

      Groom's Name: John Gothard
      Groom's Birth Date:
      Groom's Birthplace:
      Groom's Age:
      Bride's Name: Mary ...
      Bride's Birth Date:
      Bride's Birthplace:
      Bride's Age:
      Marriage Date: 1777
      Marriage Place: Kirkburton, York, England
      Groom's Father's Name:
      Groom's Mother's Name:
      Bride's Father's Name:
      Bride's Mother's Name:
      Groom's Race:
      Groom's Marital Status:
      Groom's Previous Wife's Name:
      Bride's Race:
      Bride's Marital Status:
      Bride's Previous Husband's Name:
      Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M00972-3
      System Origin: England-VR
      Source Film Number: 990701
      Reference Number: 2:3JKN1H0

      My suggested UUIDs are:
      New family
      Place of marriage
      Groom's parent family
      Groom's father
      Groom's mother
      Groom's birthplace
      Family for groom's previous marriage
      Groom's previous spouse
      ditto for bride

      Again, any further ideas?

      Finally, here's her burial:

      Name: Mary Goddard
      Gender: Female
      Burial Date: 07 Aug 1799
      Burial Place: Almondbury, York, England
      Death Date:
      Death Place:
      Birth Date:
      Marital Status: Married
      Spouse's Name: John Goddard
      Father's Name:
      Father's Birthplace:
      Mother's Name:
      Mother's Birthplace:
      Indexing Project (Batch) Number: I02050-0
      System Origin: England-EASy
      Source Film Number: 20043
      Reference Number: yrs 1797-1804

      Suggested UUIDS:
      Place of burial
      Place of death
      Marriage amily
      Spouse's name
      Parental family
      Father's birthplace
      Mother's birthplace

      Again, any other ideas?


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