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Re: [gensoft] Re: Irreplaceable utilities and other matters

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  • Steve Hayes
    ... So people keep telling me, but I ve never managed to discover it for myself, since every time I ve tried to use TMG it has crashed my computer. I know some
    Message 1 of 32 , Nov 28, 2009
      On 27 Nov 2009 at 22:00, Kerry wrote:

      > Comments interspersed.
      > > 1. The need for an event-based database program for genealogists,
      > > historians, biographers etc.
      > Well, for genealogists, The Master Genealogist is event-based. And since the
      > user can customise the events, I am guessing it could be tweaked to support
      > historians and biographers more generally.

      So people keep telling me, but I've never managed to discover it for myself,
      since every time I've tried to use TMG it has crashed my computer. I know
      some people manage to use it, but I am not one of the lucky ones.

      > Apart from family history, I don't think the marketplace for other forms of
      > history is particularly large, so a low-cost commercial offering seems
      > unlikely, unless it can be done as a tweak to something else. For example,
      > animal breeders use family history software increasingly to track their animal
      > pedigrees because family history software is cheap by comparison to the
      > specialist breeder software offering costing thousands of dollars (or so I
      > have been told).

      It could be done either as shareware, or a trial version. Or it could be done
      as an open source project, which might be better, as more and different kinds
      of users could contribute it -- no one person can imagine all the
      circumstances in which it might be used.

      > > There were wones called Nameview and Namedrop that scanned BBS messages for
      > > things like surnames of interest, and manipulated those messages to collect
      > > them. They worked with Fido Technology Networks, but no one seems to have
      > > written an equivalent that works with mailing lists, newsgroups, or web
      > > forums.
      > > Tiny Tafel Genenrator -- which not only developed but matched Tiny Tafels.
      > I think the modern "solution" is to let Google loose on message archive and
      > then use Google search. Since you can ask Google to search over only a
      > specific site, you can probably approximate the same effect.
      > However, a specialist genealogy search tool probably can exploit the
      > convention of SURNAMES being in upper case or the interpretation of Tiny
      > Tafels which Google cannot. However, there are already a number of specialist
      > Google searches, e.g. Google scholar, that do treat content as more than just
      > a bunch of key words (that is, exploit specific structures and conventions),
      > so if Google thought the interest was there and put a bit of their horsepower
      > into it (they employ some very smart people), the result could be amazingly
      > good.

      Yes such searches are useful, and can, of course, search for old messages as
      well as current ones, if these are archived somewhere.

      But I would subscribe to a lot more mailing lists if I could download only
      the messages that I was interested in.

      Steve Hayes
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    • ray_murphy aus
      ... [....] ... [....] [Update] A much better version of the VB program has been uploaded to the Files section of this group s website. It s called GENEVENTS2
      Message 32 of 32 , Dec 12, 2009
        --- In gensoft@yahoogroups.com, "ray_murphy aus" <raymurph@...> wrote:
        > --- In gensoft@yahoogroups.com, "Steve Hayes" <hayesstw@> wrote:
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        > > On 3 Dec 2009 at 19:11, ray_murphy aus wrote:
        > >
        > > > --- In gensoft@yahoogroups.com, "Steve Hayes" <hayesstw@> wrote:
        > >

        > RM: I've already got that test VB program working and displaying all the required events, sources and people, but as it turned out, it didn't need MS Access or its complex linkage system at all.
        > The user-interface being used would be the same under any system,
        > and irrespective of what was happening in the background with tables,
        > linkages or arrays.



        A much better version of the VB program has been uploaded to the Files section of this group's website. It's called "GENEVENTS2"

        It can be used to store literally anything that one could ever imagine because users can add their own categories for Events, Facts or Relationships between people.

        Any date system can be used, but if full automatic sorting is required for print-outs, then we need to use the YYYY,MM,DD format. If however some dates are not in the correct format (and order in a printout) then they can be simply re-positioned by Copy/Paste in the print-out panel.

        If "Connected People" are required for event descriptions, then just click on their names and they will be automatically inserted.

        If Sources of information are required for events etc, then they simply need to be entered with the event.

        The program has a concise Help section in the Menu, so most questions will be answered there.

        This latest version should make it easy for anyone to create a database with a SUITABLE 5.5 Gedcom and start seeing future potential or current weaknesses with the system.

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