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  • Steve Hayes
    No, this list hasn t been invaded by spammers! AskSam is a text database program that I ve been using for about 17 years now, and find it remarkably userful
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 24, 2008
      No, this list hasn't been invaded by spammers!

      AskSam is a text database program that I've been using for about 17 years
      now, and find it remarkably userful for making genealogy research notes,
      transcripts and notes from source documents etc.

      Is anyone else using it for their genealogy research?

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      Subject: askSam - $100.00 off - Fall Festival Special - Limited Time!
      Date sent: Wed, 22 Oct 2008 16:09:00 -0400

      Dear askSam User,

      Excitement is in the air in our home town of Perry, Florida as
      the community gets ready for our 53rd annual fall festival - the
      Florida Forest Festival.

      From parades and carnivals to pageants and concerts to the
      World's Largest Free Fish Fry -- October is a special month in
      our area.

      We want to make it a special month for you also...

      As a show of support to our community and to our customers
      we are offering the askSam Festival Special.

      This is a limited time offer -- so hurry and take advantage!

      *************** Special Offer - Ends October 31 ***************

      Don't miss this opportunity to get askSam at an unbelievable
      price. Buy one for yourself. Buy one as a gift for a friend,
      family member, or co-worker.

      - askSam 7 Standard - $50.00 OFF - ONLY $99.95 (reg. $149.95)

      - askSam 7 Pro - $100.00 OFF -- ONLY $295.95 (reg. $395.00)

      - SurfSaver - $10.00 OFF - ONLY $$9.95 (reg. $19.95)

      askSam Professional has all the features of askSam, plus
      a special indexing component that allows you to search askSam
      databases with hundreds of megabytes and millions of documents
      in seconds.

      SurfSaver is a web browser add-on that allows you to save and
      organize web pages into searchable folders.

      Order on-line at our SECURE order form:

      or you can call our sales department at 800-800-1997
      (International +1 850-584-6590). That's all it takes!

      ** Special Offer: **
      ** Offer expires October 31, 2008 **

      For more information about askSam, SurfSaver or the Florida
      Forest Festival...


      ************************* RISK-FREE *************************
      All askSam products are backed by our Unconditional Money-back
      Guarantee. If you're dissatisfied for any reason return it
      within 90 days for a prompt, no-questions-asked refund.

      Here's what the press has had to say about askSam:

      "This is the ultimate tool for managing and sorting all the data
      on your desktop."
      --Peggy Watt, PC World

      "... if you require powerful document search capabilities, the
      king of the hill in third-party utilities is askSam, which is
      celebrating its 20th anniversary. That amazing maturity shows."
      --J. W. Olsen, Desktop Pipeline

      "The askSam database management system is unique in this market,
      providing one of the easiest database applications to use, and
      especially easy to learn... askSam is truly a superb database
      program that is ideal for all folks with a lot of information
      they would like to better organize."
      --Dale Farris, Vice President Golden Triangle PC Club

      "We've always been intrigued by askSam as it provides a very
      different model for data storage and access than other
      products. It is one of those tools that if you work the way it
      works, you soon can't live without it."
      -- Gearblog by Mark Gibbs

      How can askSam help you?

      askSam is the ideal application to organize your information. In
      business and academia, information is the valuable commodity
      that separates you from your peers. askSam is a flexible tool
      that can help you organize the different bits and pieces of
      information that cross your desk. Email messages, notes, Web
      pages, articles, research, askSam can help you manage the flood
      of information you encounter.

      askSam is a different kind of database - a free-form database
      designed for users rather than programmers. askSam makes it easy
      to turn anything into a searchable database: email messages,
      word processing documents, text files, spreadsheets, addresses,
      Web pages, and more.

      askSam gives you the power of a database without the complexity.
      No need to program or learn a complicated query language. With
      askSam, you simply import or enter information, and you're ready
      to search. askSam users range from individuals organizing email,
      addresses, and research notes to corporations and government
      organizations managing regulations, policy manuals, and
      corporate databases.

      We have templates for over 40 different applications available
      for free on our Web site at:

      Templates for organizing everything from books and CDs to names
      and addresses.

      We also have free eBooks available on our Web site. eBooks are
      free searchable databases that you can download and use with

      Try askSam - and talk to us (or email) - we're happy to show you
      how askSam can work for you.

      askSam has been helping people organize their information for
      over 20 years (we started the company in 1985). We've won
      nearly every major industry award - including PC Magazine's
      Editors Choice, PC World's World Class Award two years in a row,
      the SIA People's Choice Award as Best Business Application. We
      hope you'll take advantage of this great offer, and please
      don't hesitate to call or email if you have any questions.


      Ann Hartman
      Office Manager
      askSam Systems
      800-800-1997 / 850-584-6590

      P.S. This is a special offer which you received because you
      Downloaded or purchased askSam or SurfSaver or you subscribe to
      the askSam SurfReport. If you call to place an order, please
      reference this email.

      Offer expires October 31, 2008

      More Information on:

      * askSam

      * askSam Templates

      * askSam eBooks

      * SurfSaver

      * The Perry/Taylor County Florida Forest Festival

      * Ordering via this special promotion

      or you can call our sales department at 800-800-1997 (US only)
      +1 850-584-6590 (International)

      Offer expires October 31, 2008

      askSam respects your on-line privacy. To opt-out of any future
      messages, please click the following link:
      askSam Systems, 121 S. Jefferson St Perry FL 32348

      ------- End of forwarded message ---------
      Keep well,

      Steve Hayes
      Web: http://hayesfam.bravehost.com/famhist1.htm
      E-mail: shayes@...
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