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Re: [SOUTH-AFRICA] Family Tree Builder was Legacy Purchase

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  • Steve Hayes
    ... This is the siort of thing that is perhaps better discussed on the genealogy software forum, and I shall copy this there. Here is information about the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 10, 2008
      On 10 Jun 2008 at 21:48, Johann Hanekom wrote:

      > NONE of the genealogy programs natively generate web sites that are really
      > useful or attractive enough to satisfy me.
      > That is why I generate a GEDCOM file and upload that into my website which is
      > based on PHPGedview (Check www.hanekom.org.uk). There are a number of GEDCOM
      > to HTML utilities that will generate useful and attractive sites which you can
      > upload to your own website, wherever you choose to host it. There are even
      > sites that will host it for free, but they are somewhat limited in the sixe of
      > your website or the amount of traffic it will handle.
      > The downside of PHPGedview is that it requires your website to have at least
      > one MySQL database available for its use, which makes publishing the site a
      > bit more expensive.
      > Unless other listers are also interested in this topic, you are welcome to
      > contact me off-line for further discussion.

      This is the siort of thing that is perhaps better discussed on the genealogy
      software forum, and I shall copy this there.

      Here is information about the Geenalogy Software forum in case anyone would
      like to join in:


      Group Email Addresses
      Post message: gensoft@yahoogroups.com
      Subscribe: gensoft-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
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      List owner: gensoft-owner@yahoogroups.com

      Most good genealogy programs do have an option to print HTML code for web
      pages, but as you say it is fairly limited, and not easy to update.

      Free web hosts out there will generally only let you have static pages, and
      if you want to run things like PHPGedView you have to pay, thoguh there are
      also sites like My Heritage that do let you update things and allow others to
      do so, thoguh that seems to be in a proprietary format. I believe it is
      possible to upload and download Gedcoms there.

      I'm not all that interested in updating my genealogy on the web. I did,
      several years ago, upload some family tree pages to my Geocities pages, but
      Geocities was taken over by Yahoo, and it became very unreliable. At one time
      it was down for two months, or at least my pages were, so I moved them to
      another site, and updated it there, but did not move the family tree, which
      by then was already out of date.

      I see the main purpose in posting family tree information on the Web as not
      being to have a complete family tree on the Web, but rather letting others
      know what you have so that they can get in touch and you can share
      information. If you put everything on the web, I've found that other people
      just take it, and you don't even know who they are, and they often don't give
      any of their information in return. My attitude is "I'll give you everything
      I have if you give me everything you have".

      I have, however, started a family wiki on a free publicly hosted service, but
      so far most visitors have not bothered to make themselves known or
      contributed anything, even though it is quite easy to contribute to a wiki.

      Keep well,

      Steve Hayes
      Web: http://hayesfam.bravehost.com/famhist1.htm
      E-mail: shayes@...
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