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(Fwd) askSam Surf Report - Recording Your Family History

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  • Steve Hayes
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      Subject: askSam Surf Report - Recording Your Family History
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      The Surf Report - vol. 92 www.askSam.com
      Tuesday, July 31, 2007

      Welcome to the Surf Report. In this edition of the Surf Report...

      - Family history research on the web -- a great place to start.
      - Using askSam for historical and family information.
      - Free Product to print or save folders in Windows
      - askSam Tip - Import Folders/Subfolders & preserve filenames.
      - Free eBook - 300+ searchable Rhymes by Mother Goose
      - Training Dates
      - Great products to enhance your productivity



      Wade Goodman
      Product Manager - askSam

      Visit the Surf Report Searchable Archive at...


      1) The National Archives - Genealogy & Family History Page

      This site offers much more than genealogy. The National Archives
      offers insight into the lives of people, their families and
      history in general. The records at the National Archives come
      from every branch of the Federal government. The Genealogy section
      is organized by research topics or types of records available to
      search. The site includes...

      Census Records
      Military Records
      Immigration Records (Ship Passenger Lists)
      Naturalization Records
      Land Records

      The National Archives is perfect for genealogy research but is
      also a great place to start many types of online research.

      I don't do formal genealogy (I will admit I've considered it). But
      regardless of your genealogical experience The National Archives
      offers an amazing collection of research resources. Be sure to
      check out the "GENEALOGY LINKS" page for more research ideas.
      (We especially liked "Cyndi's List").

      Whether you're doing family tree, trying to find information about
      long lost relatives or just need to research history... you have
      to try this site. I promise you won't be disappointed.

      See: http://www.archives.gov/genealogy/

      2) askSam for Historical Information, Family Stories, & More

      Last night a friend stopped by to tell my wife and me about her
      genealogy adventures. She and her dad traveled around the country
      for a few weeks uncovering their heritage -- visiting libraries
      and cemeteries, meeting unknown family members, investigating
      photos, listening to stories, reading historical documents, and
      piecing together their lineage. And, though she didn't mention it
      specifically, developing an even stronger bond with her father.

      Her excitement was contagious. And even though I don't think I
      will jump full on into my family tree the thought of preserving my
      heritage through family stories, articles, etc. interests me.

      My friend said, "I use Family Tree Maker but I've got so much
      information in my head now I just know I'm going to lose it." I
      replied, "askSam!"

      askSam is perfect for preserving family stories, saving family
      history web articles, noting your thoughts and ideas, tracking
      unverified information. Use attachments to keep scans, audio,
      video and more. Use fields to organize and categorize. Record all
      those pieces of information that do not fit in your family tree.

      And it doesn't stop there. Even if you're not a genealogy buff use
      askSam to document stories about your children, your daily
      activities, travels, and more.

      A couple of templates that might help you get started are included
      with your copy of askSam:

      a. "GENEALOGY RESEARCH" - perfect for tracking family member
      information, document type, source, notes and more.

      b. "DAILY JOURNAL" - perfect for tracking daily activities, family
      stories, travel information, and more.

      To use a template...

      1. Choose FILE -> NEW
      2. Select the template from the Template box
      3. Click "CREATE" & Save the file.

      For these and other template downloads please see...


      3) PrintFolder

      It's difficult to save or print a list of files from Windows. Not
      any more. Check out PRINTFOLDER.

      This is a great utility to print or save a list of files located
      in any folder. Right-click any folder in Windows Explorer and
      select "PrintFolder" in the popup menu. Or load PrintFolder and
      browse to the folder to print or save.

      Quickly and easily print or save a list of documents, images,
      videos, MP3s, or any combination. A great way to organize and
      clean-up your folders.


      4) askSam Tip: Import Folders and Subfolders

      Did you know that you can import folders and subfolders into
      askSam and automatically record information like file name, folder
      name and even a link to the original file?

      To Import Subfolders simply use the "SELECT ALL SUBFOLDERS" check
      box in the import dialog. This will import all files of the
      selected type from all subfolders in the selected folder.

      Saving important information and creating links can be done by in
      an entry form. When creating a new file using the Entry Form
      Wizard you can select from the following options...

      a. Link to Imported File (^l) - Automatically inserts the file
      name and provides a link to the original file.

      b. Link to Imported File/Path (^L) - Automatically inserts the
      full path & file name and provides a link to the original file.

      c. Insert Imported File (^f) - Automatically inserts the file
      name with no link

      d. Insert Imported File/Path (^F) - Automatically inserts the
      full path and file name with no link.

      You can also edit an existing entry form by choosing TOOLS ->
      ENTRY FORMS to access the "Entry Form Manager". Select the entry
      from and click "EDIT". In the entry form find the proper field and
      insert the code (^l, ^L, ^f, ^F).

      Folder and file name information is fully searchable in askSam.
      You can also use this feature to print or save a list of files
      from a folder.

      For more help...
      Choose "HELP -> Getting Started Guide" and go through the
      tutorials "Creating an Entry Form" & "Modifying an Existing
      Entry Form"
      Choose "Help -> Users Guide" and read through "Chapter 13 -
      Importing and Exporting Information"

      You can also access manuals, frequently asked questions, & more:


      5) askSam FREE eBook - The Real Mother Goose

      All this talk about family. What better way to spend your time
      than with your children. Why not quote them a Nursery Rhyme
      (becasue, if you're like me, you can never remember them).
      Problem solved. Use askSam's free eBook with over 300 Mother Goose
      Nursery Rhymes. "The Real Mother Goose" eBook allows you to
      search the full text of hundreds of rhymes -- some you know and
      some you don't.

      See: http://www.asksam.com/ebooks/mother-goose


      6) askSam Upcoming Training Dates

      Learn all about askSam 6. Wade Goodman, askSam Product Manager,
      will hold two-day intensive training courses on

      August 30-31
      September 27-28
      in our Perry, Florida office.

      Reserve now, space is limited. Call 800-800-1997 or 850-584-6590
      or go to:


      7) Download Trial Versions of:

      askSam - Try askSam 6 - the newest version of the World's most
      popular free form database.

      SurfSaver - Save & search information you gather on the Web.

      askSam Resume Tracking System (RTS)- organize resumes,
      applications, job requisitions, & other HR & recruiting

      Qsite - The Easy Way to Create and Manage Interactive, Searchable
      Web sites

      askSam Web Publisher - Call us at 850-584-6590 to set up an
      on-line demo.

      All downloads: http://www.askSam.com/downloads.asp

      Plus these other great downloads...

      TextAloud - Turn any text - web pages, email, documents - into
      spoken audio or mp3.

      System Cleaner - Give your system a Tune-Up. Quickly delete junk
      files, broken links, registry problems and more.

      Convert PDF - PDF-To-Word, PDF-To-Text, PDF-To-HTML - Convert any
      PDF to Microsoft Word, Text or HTML

      Driver Genius - Automatically update your device drives

      MapiLabs Toolbox - 18 Great Add-Ons for Outlook

      My Screen Recorder - Turn desktop activity into video

      Clipmate - Replace Your Current Windows Clipboard
      Special $5 off for Surf Report Subscribers

      Pimpfish - Save and Search Web Movies and Images
      Special $10 off for Surf Report Subscribers


      The Surf Report is a newsletter sponsored by askSam Systems 121
      S. Jefferson St. Perry, FL. It can be reprinted and
      redistributed as long as the author and sponsor are acknowledged.

      To unsubscribe from this newsletter go to:
      http://www.askSam.com/remove_listing.asp and enter your email
      address. Click on Remove Me and you will be unsubscribed.

      To subscribe, go to: http://www.askSam.com/signup.asp If you
      received this email directly from us, you do not need to subscribe.


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