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5Re: [gensoft] Re: This should prove interesting....

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  • Leif B. Kristensen
    Feb 9, 2006
      On Thursday 09 February 2006 09:27, Paul Blair wrote:
      >--- In gensoft@yahoogroups.com, "pfablair" <pblair30@...> wrote:
      > > As one of those people who define present commercial genealogy
      > > software program as LCD (think back to your maths classes!), I
      > > welcome a chance to debate fresh ideas about what we might like...
      > Sorry Leif (and others) - I need to be more careful. Point taken.
      > Lowest Common Denominator was what I should have typed...
      > Paul - who promises to do better!

      Apology accepted ;-)

      Now that I know what you're talking about, I tend to agree. Although the
      worst LCD(?) factor here appears to be the GEDCOM format. Any program
      with a data model that deviates too much from the GEDCOM legacy model
      (note that I'm writing "legacy" with a small l) will have major trouble
      with regards to data interchange.

      During the nine years that I have been occupied with genealogy, software
      development have been utterly transformed by the open-source model. You
      can download a totally awesome relational database engine like
      PostgreSQL for free and write your own genealogy app around it in any
      of several freely available scripting languages. Back in 1997, that
      wasn't an option. Besides, a 90 MHz Pentium with a few megabytes of RAM
      would hardly have been up to the task anyway.

      About the only thing in IT that hasn't changed since then is the GEDCOM
      standard. That is still at version 5.5. And even if a better standard
      was around, I seriously doubt if the commercial genealogy software
      developers would give it any significant mindshare. With one honorable
      exception, the commercial program developers are very very concerned
      that their customers might leave them if some method of lossless data
      export existed.

      So, in the year 2006 we are dragging behind us the body of an
      interchange standard that's been effectively dead for the last ten
      years. And that's your LCD number one.
      Leif Biberg Kristensen | Registered Linux User #338009
      http://solumslekt.org/ | Cruising with Gentoo/KDE
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