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282RE: [gensoft] Re: Shared genealogies and crowd sourcing

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  • Sherry
    Dec 5, 2012
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      A lot of people do that and have lots of pens or pencils hanging around so
      the blanks can be filled for dates and children.

      Sounds fun!


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      In ten+ years of tracing a couple of family lines, the most success I've had
      in getting other people to contribute to a family tree is with a printed
      multi-generation chart with pictures - posted on a wall at the site where
      the yearly reunion is held. Those who don't find family member pictures on
      the chart almost always contribute at least pictures - and while you have
      their attention you can ask for other info.

      This can lead to big charts - one year I had access to a roll-fed plotter
      and the chart was 3 feet high and 20+ feet long but almost everyone wanted
      to themselves and their immediate family. There were even a few who looked
      at multiple generations.

      I've had almost zero success with anything promised for 'later' - maybe 1
      person in 100 actually follows through.

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