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276Shared genealogies and crowd sourcing

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  • Steve Hayes
    Oct 9, 2012
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      On 9 Oct 2012 at 6:57, Kerry Raymond wrote:

      > Also shared genealogies don't seem to work very well in practice. There are
      > three versions of anything, yours, mine and the "truth" (which we can never
      > really know). Just because Betty believes that the father of an illegitimate
      > child "must have been SoAndSo" doesn't mean another relative believes it. We
      > can all look at the same evidence and draw different conclusions and a
      > genealogical database is just that, a set of conclusions, not a body of
      > evidence.

      My experience certainly fits in with that.

      Four years ago I started a family Wiki for sharing family stories, but
      practically no one has contributed to it. Lots of people visit it, and read
      what I have written, and probably nick some of the information for their own
      family trees, but it's all take and no give, so I hardly ever update it now.

      > A lot of people in the genealogy space have been a bit burned by
      > crowd-sourced projects. Many get started with grand ambitions and solicit
      > contributions, but the project falters and the contributions are never made
      > available/integrated (or whatever) as promised, or the site exists for a while
      > and then disappears. The return-on-investment for contributors in many such
      > projects is often low to non-existent and certainly I am now much less likely
      > to contribute to a project unless I can see the clear path to a long-lived
      > site/resource. What commitment will you be able to give to contributors as to
      > the longevity of the site/resource created?

      Some of them have been remarkably successful, though, most notably FreeBMD,
      which is a very useful resource, as are the spinoffs, FreeREG and FreeCEN,
      though to a lesser extent.

      Keep well,
      Steve Hayes
      Web: http://hayesgreene.wordpress.com
      E-mail: shayes@...
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