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271RE: [gensoft] New version of Clooz released

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  • Sherry
    Aug 5 2:02 PM
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      Thanks for the update. I used Clooz years ago.

      I hope they're able to restore connectivity with Legacy and add it to other
      programs as they say they will. Otherwise, Clooz is basically useless,
      creating double entry for sources. In their "News" section, they wrote "We
      have redesigned the implementation of the original Clooz Legacy interface to
      accommodate connection to other programs." but it's not clear if it works
      with Legacy. Sounds like they're going to try...

      Legacy v8 is in the works and nearing completion. I hope the Clooz
      developers are working with the Legacy developers to accommodate the changes
      that will take place in v8 as well.

      At $39.95 US, it's pretty darn expensive for what's basically an "add-on" to
      your main genealogy program. They'll do a lot better in sales if they drop
      the price by $10-15


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      Clooz is a genealogical research tool that enables you to analyse your data
      in various ways, and possibly open up new avenues for research.

      Development of the program was recently taken over by Ancestral Systems, and
      they are now offering a free trial of Clooz 3.0, which is due to be released

      For more information see:

      Keep well,
      Steve Hayes
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