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254Re: [gensoft] Re: Event-based software redux.

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  • Steve Hayes
    Sep 10, 2011
      On 10 Sep 2011 at 2:16, Thomas Wetmore wrote:

      > Steve,
      > I did assume that you were talking about the need for a genealogical program
      > that supports events as records in their own right. Since the purpose of
      > genealogical programs is to record information about persons and their
      > inter-relatintionships, I did assume that lineage-linked persons would also
      > have to be handled by such a program. From what you say here I was wrong about
      > your assumptions. So I agree that what I have written does not bear on your
      > question. But if you are only interested in a program that can be used to
      > record information about events, since role players are usually key components
      > of events, you would need to record information about the persons playing
      > those roles. As far as my limited gray matter can conceive things it's six of
      > one, half a dozen of the other.

      Of course it is important to keep track of persons. But there are already
      lots of good lineage-linked genealogy programs, and we are spoilt for choice
      in that regard, so we don't really need another one.

      Those programs are primarily for genealogy, for keeping track of family
      relationships and so on.

      What I have in mind is a tool for family history, and other kinds of history
      (local history, biography etc).

      Of course it would need to keep track of persons who are associated with
      events (and yes, I know Gramps lets you do that too), but what I have in mind
      is a program that would let you include six degrees of relationship if
      necessary, which would include people like boss, colleague, friend, enemy,
      customer, neighbour, person whose dog you ran over etc.

      > Maybe you could explain the kinds of events you are interested in. If you are
      > recording information about the occurrences of eclipses of the moon, or the
      > occurrences of major hurricanes in the western Atlantic, or even major battles
      > in a war, you could do fine without person information. But my mind is
      > definitely slanted in the direction of events in which persons played
      > important and definable roles, and for events of that type I would probably
      > only be recording info about them because of the persons who were involved
      > with them.

      Well, say you are writing local history of a small village.

      Of course you would want information about people, like a list of mayors or
      equivalent, shop keepers, clergy, other influential inhabitants like doctors,
      layers and so on, and then you would want to link them to discrete events
      they were involved in, planning a road, erecting or demolishing a building,
      starting or quelling a riot, establishing a library, holding a beauty pageant
      or whatever.

      On the web site for the forum I've put some documents showing the kind of
      thing I have in mind -- schematic diagrams, sample tables and so on. I've put
      them there for comment, suggestions for improvement, and keep hoping that
      some programming fundi will help me to make them work, preferably before I

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