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253Re: [gensoft] Re: Event-based software redux.

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  • Thomas Wetmore
    Sep 9, 2011
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      I did assume that you were talking about the need for a genealogical program that supports events as records in their own right. Since the purpose of genealogical programs is to record information about persons and their inter-relatintionships, I did assume that lineage-linked persons would also have to be handled by such a program. From what you say here I was wrong about your assumptions. So I agree that what I have written does not bear on your question. But if you are only interested in a program that can be used to record information about events, since role players are usually key components of events, you would need to record information about the persons playing those roles. As far as my limited gray matter can conceive things it's six of one, half a dozen of the other.

      Maybe you could explain the kinds of events you are interested in. If you are recording information about the occurrences of eclipses of the moon, or the occurrences of major hurricanes in the western Atlantic, or even major battles in a war, you could do fine without person information. But my mind is definitely slanted in the direction of events in which persons played important and definable roles, and for events of that type I would probably only be recording info about them because of the persons who were involved with them.

      Tom Wetmore

      On Sep 9, 2011, at 11:39 PM, Steve Hayes wrote:

      > On 6 Sep 2011 at 6:38, Tom wrote:
      > > Is it worth pointing out that calling a genealogical program "events-based"
      > > means only that the program treats events as records that can refer to many
      > > people records or vice versa? It doesn't imply that events have somehow taken
      > > primacy over person records. Events are simply elevated to a position where
      > > they have first class status along with persons as an important record type
      > > that the software supports.
      > Perhaps it could be seen like that, but when I say "event-based" I mean that
      > the program is designed primarily for recording events.
      > > There are two ways that current programs handle events in the multi-role
      > > context. Some programs (Gramps is an example) assign each event to a single
      > > person, but allow that event to refer to other persons. This isn't really
      > > elevating the event to first class status, as each event must ultimately
      > > "belong" to a person, but it does give the advantages (no duplication of info)
      > > of an independent event. And then there are two programs (don't remember which
      > > they are off the top of my head) that support true multi-role events. But, of
      > > course, these two programs still support persons as the ultimate and primary
      > > data record type of interest.
      > I've only just started trying out Gramps, and it is indeed possible to enter
      > an event in the database without it's being linked to a person. I haven't yet
      > worked out how you link a person to the event.
      > But by "existing programs" you seem to have in mind "lineage-linked"
      > programs, and what I see the need for is not a way of improving lineage-
      > linked programs, but a program that does something else.
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