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252Re: [gensoft] Re: Event-based software redux.

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  • Steve Hayes
    Sep 9, 2011
      On 6 Sep 2011 at 6:38, Tom wrote:

      > Is it worth pointing out that calling a genealogical program "events-based"
      > means only that the program treats events as records that can refer to many
      > people records or vice versa? It doesn't imply that events have somehow taken
      > primacy over person records. Events are simply elevated to a position where
      > they have first class status along with persons as an important record type
      > that the software supports.

      Perhaps it could be seen like that, but when I say "event-based" I mean that
      the program is designed primarily for recording events.

      > There are two ways that current programs handle events in the multi-role
      > context. Some programs (Gramps is an example) assign each event to a single
      > person, but allow that event to refer to other persons. This isn't really
      > elevating the event to first class status, as each event must ultimately
      > "belong" to a person, but it does give the advantages (no duplication of info)
      > of an independent event. And then there are two programs (don't remember which
      > they are off the top of my head) that support true multi-role events. But, of
      > course, these two programs still support persons as the ultimate and primary
      > data record type of interest.

      I've only just started trying out Gramps, and it is indeed possible to enter
      an event in the database without it's being linked to a person. I haven't yet
      worked out how you link a person to the event.

      But by "existing programs" you seem to have in mind "lineage-linked"
      programs, and what I see the need for is not a way of improving lineage-
      linked programs, but a program that does something else.

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