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242Event-based software redux.

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  • Methodius
    May 26, 2011
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      --- In gensoft@yahoogroups.com, "Steve Hayes" <hayesstw@...> wrote:
      > And one of the things I would like is an event-based database that can pull
      > in "Person" information from your main genealogy database (to save re-typing,
      > but also allow you to add other persons.

      This has come up again in the soc.genealogy.computing newsgroup, and I still feel the need for such software, and have yet to find it. We are spoiled for choice in lineage-linked programs, but I don't know of any event-based programs that will do what I want.

      I've tried to summarise the needs in a blog post at:


      and the sample database tables are available for download from the files section of this forum.

      I'm reopening this subject because I really would like to see (and be able to use) such a program before I die.
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