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110Re: An event database

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  • Ray Murphy
    Nov 18, 2006
      --- In gensoft@yahoogroups.com, Bob Melson <melsonr@...> wrote:

      >>The broadest genie software "church" I can think of is PhpGedView.
      >>This is open source, and contributors add modules that extend
      >>software functionality. Its use is server based, which is quite an
      >>advantage for collaboration.


      >While I agree that phpGedView is sufficiently flexible to allow for
      >the programming of most, if not all, of the suggested features, it
      >also currently suffers the limitations of a purposely simple
      >database structure. This is not a disqualifier, certainly, but it
      >would require refinement of that structure, and the php "code", to
      >achieve the fine-grainedness required.

      >If I might make a suggestion, I'd like to see a layout, even in
      >rough form, of the various DB tables/files envisioned - that'd go a
      >long way toward establishing the amount of effort involved, IMO.

      > Bob Melson
      > Texas

      RM: It's a bit hard to bring it all together until we see what sort
      of events are worth recording. Obviously there are too many to ever
      become standard gedcom categories, so the way to go would be to use
      the existing Events system but with ONE extra category - "User
      Event". That would allow users to enter any type of event, and that
      could also include such things as illnesses and causes of death or
      notable characteristics that exist in families.

      I suppose that programs that didn't use "extra events" could bypass
      gedcom lines that had a special prefix for them. That may be possible
      now for all I know.

      It seems to me that the first step should be to get "extra events"
      into lots of programs.

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