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RE: [genphoto] How do you name your photos

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  • Bonnie - SavingDinner.com
    I have really enjoyed Gottapixel.com and Scrapgirls.com. Both of them will have banner ads on them with their ranking within the top 50 digital scrapbook
    Message 1 of 15 , Sep 11, 2006
      I have really enjoyed Gottapixel.com and Scrapgirls.com. Both of them will
      have banner ads on them with their ranking within the top 50 digital
      scrapbook sites so if you click on the link, you'll go to a site that has
      TONS of digital scrapsites.

      I decided to go with Adobe PhotoShop Elements (PSE 4.0). Paint Shop Pro X
      (PSPx) is also highly recommended. Microsoft has one that I think is called
      Digital Image Pro. A lot of the other "low cost" scrapbook programs help
      you start but are very remedial and people seem to be dumping them once they
      get going and end up with PSE 4.0 or PSPX. If you're a diehard
      photographer, you may want to jump into the full fledged Adobe Photoshop but
      that will set you back a few hundred dollars at best ;)



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      Subject: Re: [genphoto] How do you name your photos

      I just started creating Creative Memories scrapbooks when my son was
      born 3 years ago, and I'm not sure I'm done creating books by hand, but
      I'm intrigued by your comments. Do you have any favorite websites that
      you could point me to as I'm considering this idea - software that
      helps you build the scrapbooks and sites to get those elements?


      On Sep 5, 2006, at 1:05 AM, Bonnie - SavingDinner.com wrote:

      > Hi Debb,
      > I am very new to digital scrapping. It was just recently that I was
      > introduced to the concept and really began exploring it. Having been
      > in the
      > scrap industry for 12 years now (I was a Creative Memories consultant
      > for 5
      > years, had my own scrapbook organizer company and also designed
      > products for
      > Cropper Hopper organizers) it really intrigued me.
      > I fell out of scrapping right about the time that "embellishments"
      > took off.
      > It used to be stickers and die cuts that you had "around" your photo,
      > so you
      > could still preserve the integrity of the photo and now its metals, and
      > ribbons, and anything goes pretty much! The thought of a little
      > humidity
      > and rust on those eyelets just makes me cringe and people don't even
      > seem to
      > think twice about it. Some of my friends have books that are soooo
      > thick and
      > so much "fluff" hanging out, that it's hard to really enjoy the books
      > and
      > all I see are $$$$$$$$$$ signs and damaged photos evolving in a few
      > years
      > from the pressure of the pages around them.
      > While I know in my heart that those types of pages are beautiful to
      > view,
      > and that there is nothing that can replace that "touch and feel"
      > aspect, I
      > want books that are done and archival safe. SO, one reason it that:
      > Most
      > people do not "archive" their photos or their scrapbooks so if the
      > book is
      > damaged there is no going back and they lose all of that effort. If
      > they
      > photograph it and ever reprint it, then it basically looks like a
      > "digital
      > scrapbook " :-)
      > The second reason is this -- I have 5 children. My ideal world would
      > be
      > that each of my kids has an album that not only reflects them, but OUR
      > family. Most people scrap just one kid in that kid's album
      > collection. I
      > want to have an album that has stuff about all of my kids in each
      > others
      > albums too. Even the photos I've gotten from my mom and my MIL are
      > only
      > "our" photos and not siblings. Genealogically speaking, they are all
      > part of
      > my history and I'd love to have copies of all of their pictures too!
      > So I
      > am including my children's pictures in each other's albums so they
      > all have
      > lots of everything.
      > So basically to do a birthday party of Baby, I have to make 6 pages (I
      > for
      > each of them and 1 for our book). I know that by the time I got to
      > page
      > six, I'd be exhausted, start short cutting and 6 wouldn't be as nice
      > as #1.
      > Then I'd also have to have 6 sets of everything I buy to go on the
      > pages
      > which if you've priced embellishments lately, you could take out a
      > small
      > mortgage to pay for them.
      > So after a long discussion with my hubby, we came to the following
      > conclusions.
      > 1. We take all of our pictures digitally now anyways and if I don't
      > print
      > the pictures out to even start to scrap them, I save .11-.19 cents a
      > print
      > right there (then x by 6)
      > 2. With digital elements, you can use them hundreds of times and you
      > pay 1x.
      > There are tons of free "elements" and "kits" online, and a lot of kits
      > could
      > be purchased for $1.95-$5.00 quite easily, some being up to $10
      > depending on
      > their quantity of items in each kit. So I don't have to prebuy or
      > overbuy
      > stuff. And you can also make your own elements too to match your
      > photo's
      > colors exactly.
      > 3. I can make one page, really put my heart into the journaling and
      > layout
      > and print it 6 times; even change a few words so each child's is
      > personalized as well.
      > 4. Because the photo is "one" with the "page", it can't "fall off and
      > get
      > lost, so if you include your journaling and labeling, then your photos
      > are
      > "always labeled"; there's not worries over archival safeness of
      > adhesives,
      > pens, papers, because they're not even used. Just stick the "photo
      > page" in
      > an archival safe album, put on the page protector and voila!
      > 5. I can print the final image in a variety of sizes by "shrinking" the
      > image - brag book for grandma, big 12x12 for us, small 8x8 for the kids
      > books, etc.
      > 6. I can have the whole page printed by a photo developer by uploading
      > the
      > "page" and the entire thing is archival safe - "elements" and all, no
      > worries about buffering, metals corroding, fabrics deteriorating, etc.
      > 7. Because the scrapbooking elements and papers are digitally
      > downloaded you
      > can buy them online 24x7 when you need it. No trips to the scrapbook
      > store
      > (only for ideas!)
      > 8. If I'm out of money, I can still scrap with my free elements, and
      > wait to
      > send the pages to a printer when payday comes.
      > 9. I can include more memorabilia and shrink it to fit on the pages
      > and get
      > rid of the "clutter" around my house. I love the things kids bring
      > home
      > from school and I can scrap them in miniature, and get rid of the
      > originals,
      > saving a couple of special ones only.
      > 10. I can backup my "scrapbooks" at anytime and make multiple copies
      > in a
      > couple of clicks of the mouse to send off to family members for safe
      > keeping. If my albums get wet and ruined, I just upload the stuff to a
      > developer and I have a new album all over again.
      > 11. jpegs are very common right now ( you can also save them as tiff
      > files
      > too)so it's a good format to have and as long as I make the effort to
      > always
      > keep my images in formats compatible with the latest technologies,
      > then I
      > should be good :-)
      > And one of our favorite reasons - when driving back from a vacation, I
      > can
      > "scrap" on my laptop, import our pictures, do our pages, upload them
      > to a
      > photodeveloper by cell phone modem, and have them waiting when we pull
      > in
      > the driveway LOL.
      > (p.s. there are different "qualities" of digital elements out there
      > (read
      > that as some are VERY cheesy and cheap looking) and I think it makes a
      > big
      > difference on how your layouts turn out. as always - you get what you
      > pay
      > for.)
      > So this is what we've decided will work for us. One beauty of it is my
      > first project is a "Family Reunion" scrapbook where we had all of my
      > Grandparents descendents write about themselves and what their
      > families are
      > doing as of this summer and sent pictures and we're putting them into a
      > digital scrapbook of the "the James Forsey Family - A Sketch of our
      > Descendents -- Summer 2006", uploading it online to be "proofed",
      > we'll be
      > correcting it, then each family can simply download their own copy and
      > I'm
      > not out any money, shipping costs, printing costs, etc. No haggling or
      > waiting for money to be sent, If they don't want to print it, they can
      > just
      > download it, etc. An amazing way to share our "current" genealogy!
      > Hope those thoughts might help you in your decision.
      > Bonnie
      > Surprise Arizona
      > _____
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      > We had a scrapbooking lady come and spoke at the
      > genealogy society meeting... She prefers traditional
      > scrapbooking and I was thinking of digital
      > scrapbooking.. I am curious your reason why to
      > convert??? Thank you for taking the time and write a
      > long note about naming the photo...
      > Debbe
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