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  • Merv Leeding
    Hi Sandra ... It s one more way of connecting PC peripherals…parallel, serial, USB, Firewire Strictly speaking it is an electronic standard that is
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 11, 2005
      Hi Sandra

      >Thank you but what is a Firewire connection?

      It's one more way of connecting PC peripheralsÂ…parallel, serial, USB, Firewire

      Strictly speaking it is an electronic standard that is trademarked Firewire
      by Apple and elsewhere should be referred to by the standards name of
      IEEE1394 but that is a hassle to remember.

      It comes in two forms, 2-pin (small) and 4-pin (thicker than USB). The
      extra 2 pins carry power from the PC to the external device so normally the
      4-pin plug is used to attach to the 4-pin socket on the PC. A video camera
      normally uses 2-pins because it has a battery whereas a Firewire scanner
      might use 4-pins to get its power from the PC.

      The 2-pin also has the advantage for the vidcam that it is small and takes
      up little room. Normally you use a 2-pin-to-4-pin cable to connect the
      camera to a PC or a 2-pin-to-2-pin to connect two cameras. Scanners or
      printers would commonly use 4-pin-to-4-pin cables. Sometimes the 2/4 cable
      is bundled with the camera.

      If the PC doesn't have Firewire sockets you can usually add a card with
      three or four probably for less than $40.

      Firewire was probably used because at the time connection with PCs was
      necessary the USB 1.1 was too slow and the faster USB 2 was not supported
      by many PCs. (Note that USB 1.1 is now called USB 2 Full Speed and old USB
      2 is now USB 2 High Speed.)

      Merv Leeding
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