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Roxio or Nero

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  • Merv Leeding
    G day Harry ... I think you might need to wait a while to get the real answer to that question. There are some rave comments…on the Nero site. I haven t
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 25, 2003
      G'day Harry

      >Which would be the better and easiest to use CD burner to buy Roxio 6 or
      >Nero 6?

      I think you might need to wait a while to get the real answer to that
      question. There are some rave commentsÂ…on the Nero site. <G> I haven't seen
      any offered for sale locally.

      I would give Roxio 6 the edge over Nero 5.5. Nero has some awkward defaults
      in my view although Roxio is not entirely free of that. The hard copy
      manual is a bit plus with Roxio and I was disappointed that while the Nero
      5.5 Help is up to date as you would expect, the PDF manual with it is
      several years behind the times.

      Some of my friends who do little other than video editing told me that the
      DVD encoder for Nero was inferior to that of Studio 8. They don't have
      Roxio. The DVD video creation in Roxio is better in my view than Nero 5 but
      that doesn't help you much.

      To explain one default in Roxio that irritates me. I do regular data
      backups that don't occupy a full CDR. Since I do these regularly many of
      them are superceded so I use them for storing other odds and ends.

      To be able to do that I have to set Start Multisession in Nero 5 the first
      time and then later choose Continue Multisession. That wouldn't be a
      problem except that I would like to set the first Start Multisession as a
      Project with all the carefully chosen folders for backup. Nero insists that
      when I re-run that project that it cannot again be Start Multisession and
      must be Continue Multisession with the original CDR. In other words I
      cannot use it as a standard file option to do the backup unless I change to
      Single Session Finalized.

      So I use Roxio for that.

      Another case of programmers deciding what they will let me do.

      And another stupid bit. I like to use verify when burning CDs. Verify comes
      unchecked when you install Nero and the window that brings up the option
      always has a daughter window that stops you checking the verify option
      until you have completed the operation. When you do check it, that written
      CD is not verified, the setting merely applies to the next CD you write.

      I have also seen installations where the default has given file names on
      the CD in all upper case and spaces replaced by underscores.

      But both Nero and Roxio will do the job and perhaps surprisingly, I have
      had no clashes between Nero 5, Roxio 6 and RecordNOW 4.6 in over six months
      on XP.

      Merv Leeding
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