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Re: [genphoto] Digital Cameras

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  • pweinbergpe@juno.com
    If you want to buy a camera, or, for that matter, anything else of value, you must do some preliminary work yourself and not rely on someone else. Someone
    Message 1 of 10 , Aug 28, 2002
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      If you want to buy a camera, or, for that matter, anything else of value,
      you must do some preliminary work yourself and not rely on someone else.
      Someone else will tell you what they like based on their basic
      requirements and those may (or may not) be the same as yours.

      Decide, as an example, what weight of camera would be best for you. How
      can you do that? Why go to the store and feel several cameras.

      What size lens, what resolutions, what zoom, what minimum or maximum
      size (do you want it to fit your pocket----if so what size pocket), will
      the zoom be internal or external, does it come with a rechargeable
      battery, does it come with a battery charger, what size is the disc, both
      in physical size and capacity, what is the maximum you want to spend? I
      can go on and on. But that is the homework YOU should do. It took me a
      week of research before I knew what I wanted. I am certainly not saying
      that you should commit to all that time, but at least be aware of some
      major options. Your decision will then become so much more obvious.

      All said in a kind way and I wish you luck. Paul

      On Sat, 17 Aug 2002 15:32:37 -0400 "Thomas B. Morris"
      <tmorris@...> writes:
      > I am currently looking for a digital camera to (hopefully) replace
      > my SLR.
      > Would appreciate input on the pros and cons of the different
      > choices.
      > I currently take portrait, general outside and indoor pixs, as well
      > as, use
      > it on a copy stand to duplicate old pixs.
      > Don't want to waste my $$ on a CHEAP camera that won't be able to
      > give me
      > quality pictures, but I can't afford the TOP END professional
      > camera.
      > What are my options?
      > Any help would be greatly appreciated,
      > Tom
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      > The list has citations from all over the world, but primarily
      > U.S.-and
      > includes only operations working 1839-1939 ... of course it is a
      > tiny
      > sampling from the hundreds of thousands of photographers that worked
      > during
      > that time period, but it is a start ...
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