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951Re: [genphoto] Digital Camera

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  • MScheffler
    Jul 3, 2001
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      I can get readable copies from library books with the Olympus D-490
      zoom camera but I have never tried using OCR software to convert the
      document. I have also been able to get readable copies with a 1.3
      megapixal camera using a copystand.

      To get more than minimally acceptable copies in most cases, one
      really needs a copystand or a tripod that can be reversed to use as a
      copy stand as it is difficult to get really readable text by hand
      holding the camera in places with relatively poor lighting. Some
      libraries such as the CT State Library in Hartford are beginning to
      supply copy stands..

      Given the copy stand, natural light produces decent results.

      Margaret Scheffler

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      From: "Jeffrey Owens" <owensj@...>
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      Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2001 9:12 PM
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      > While the topic of discussion is digital camera selection I wonder if
      anyone has had any experience with using a digital camera to capture
      text from books or other printed material and then running it through an
      OCR software on a laptop. This would be so great for those trips to the
      library. At the national archives you can't use hand scanners and the
      photocopy process for older materials requires a lengthy process. Even
      at my local historical societies it would be a great time saver. I once
      saw a priest who was researching at my local society using such a
      setup,but at that time didn't think it enough priority to ask many
      reagrding the specs, etc.
      > TNX for any comments,
      > Jeff Owens
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