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804Re: [genphoto] Book Recommendation

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  • Bill and/or Glenna Jo Christen
    Feb 3, 2001
      pyeattm@... wrote:

      > I have a group of photos for which I have no identification at all except
      > they are part of my Perry family.

      Here are my thoughts...

      Young boy in NO: 1863-1866 (see Lady in NO)

      Lady in NO: her dress says 1864-68, but I assume there is no revenue stamp
      (1864-1866), Samuel Anderson was in business at that address during the war.

      Lady and Child in NO: she is wearing the same dress as above, this was another
      son (note his hair appears to be parted on the side). The three images were
      probably taken on the same day...perhaps for her husband who may have been
      away...a soldier? The best I can do is 1864-1866. We need to know when Anderson
      was in business as Samuel. He is listed as being in partnership with a Blessing
      and a Turner at that address. These two business name changes may establish a
      date. When my wife returns tomorrow night, I'll have check the dress. I need to
      see the backmark.

      Faded Lady: She is not wearing an 1840s dress...it's more like 1870s. The image
      itself is a post 1870 format. My wife can probably narrow it even more.

      Siblings in NO: 1863-1866, R. Washburn at 109 Canal and W. W. Washburen at 113
      Canal during the war. I need to see the backmark.

      Brother & Sister in NO: 1865-1868, painted backdrop and again I need to see the

      Mother and daughter in NO: 1866-1870: mother's clothes

      F??bis of Vicksburg: vignetted image (1860s) of of another image (possibly late

      Wedding picture: 1863-1867, need to see backmark. Joslin was in business in
      Vicksburg during the war

      Bushman images: both from early 1880s

      baby's images: 1875-80s, when was Bushman in business?

      Miniature: think it's 1880s

      Handsome man: 1885-1890...just as you stated

      Dark skinned man: 1863-1869

      Galveston: late1870s to early 1880s

      Louisville men's images: agree with you (my expertise is 1855-1870)

      Louisville lady could be in the 1880s also.

      If we knew when the photographer were in business, we might be able to match
      some of your dates. The KY and TX images may dovetail with family movements.


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